Six Archetypes of Video Game Characters That Could (And Should) Be Better Written

Allisa James of DualShockers discusses six archetypes of video game characters that could (and should) be better written.

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CalamityCB1962d ago

I think over the years the Halo franchise has mastered the "Space marine" figure.
Look at Master Chief, in Halo:CE he was a bad ass one liner with pretty much no character development. In Halo 4 he takes matters into his own hands and does show emotion, at the end of the game I really felt for him as a character for what he has gone through; this shows 343 are making him well... more human.
Even one of the side characters said to the chief directly that we're just "guys" not machines.

ajames3471962d ago

That is definitely true, as well as the fact that Master Chief is the one who started the "Space Marine" archetype in the first place. I actually like his development in the Halo series and I hope that he continues to be developed more in later games.

Hooby1962d ago

I really hope the steven spielberg halo series is about master chiefs origins, because he really is a silent awkward giant because he was raised as a killer from a very young age. Virtually all of his family and friends are dead and he can't relate to anyone but them so...

If there's any video game story I'd like many people to know, its master chiefs origins.

ajames3471962d ago

That sounds like a wonderful idea actually. I would love to see something along those lines as well in the TV series.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1962d ago

Samus should definitely be re-written.

I liked the Primes- but I was excited about what "Other M" attempted to do.

I hope that the Next Samus Project is more like Prime in Game Play but I also hope that it takes the "Other M" attempt FURTHER.

I would like to see Samus taking a "Heavy Rain", "GTA", "Mass Effects" deep approach to narrative.

They would not have to create 1,000 cut scenes all they would have to do is add other characters who will challenge and question her and then give her an interactive residence.

The environment, the downtime, and the characters that interact with her would tell the story and give clues to her emotional state-
because she does not talk or emote a lot.

For Instance, walking through her "house" Samus looks at something-
-Like in Eternal Darkness you can chooose to see what they are looking at or not. You push a button and you get a thought or a dialogue or maybe a Samus Narrated memory faintly overlapping the her.

Have optional sub-plots like-

Maybe have the Government assign her a shrink.
Perhaps have a sub-story where she could track down lost relatives (and work on a relationship).
Show her dealing with normal or crowd filled life.

If it becomes another Trilogy then every Player's Samus, like in Mass Effect's Shepard, would be different by the choices made.

herbs1962d ago

Honestly I completely disagree. I think Other Ms portrail of Samus was the absolute worst and I'm certain Gunpei Yokoi would slap Yoshio Sakamoto with his dead hand if he could. How anyone enjoyed seeing the strong silent independent Samus turned into a souless weak order taking bimbo is beyond me. You want Samus to see a shrink in her next game seriously GTFO your a disgrace...

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )


Didn't I say RE-Written?

I think you are trying to Troll this into a Woman's Issue when it is really about the character.

Samus was not turned into anything, the Creator of Samus and METROID made her that way-
-and although she did not talk much he must have always imagined her to be what we saw.

(Plus, some people talk about the Manga Series- that I have not read),

I think it (Other M) fell short- I have previously said that they should maybe hire a Women Writer(s) to flesh-out the clash of the character personality.
-Bounty Hunter
-living Weapon
-Maturnity (for the Baby Metroid).

Real warriors, Men and Women, contend with these feelings everyday.

As for the Order taking that Samus was doing... That was probably more of a gameplay device than a plot device-
-Every game Samus losses her powers in some way.

Samus has the most appeal to be the 1st fully rounded character in "Mature" and Movie-like story telling-
-Even "COD: Ghost" is going in that direction.

herbs1962d ago

Maybe I was being a little over the top and ovey dramatic, you do make some good points. I just love the old school days when game designers focused more on gameplay. Classic Nintendo franchises have a great structure and formula with mostly simple story telling and a lot of people always want these games to change (I don't). In my opinion if you want this kind of cinematic experience buy a Playstation. Sony's 1st party studios are much better suited to make those kind of gaming experiences.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1962d ago

Agree with you in a way-

I could be happy with a New LoZ 1 in glorious 8 bit.
I could play another Prime, I beat the Trilogy.
They could turn out Fire Emblems every year (like Maddens) and I would try to buy everyone.

Nintendo said that they wanted the "cORE" - how are they going to get the "cORE" if the "cORE" don't like or complain about their franchises?

Metroid/ Samus is an easy convert of existing IPs into a more current "cORE" style.
Because MP without the exploration and with more targets is already a great FPS.

But if the future is going towarsd games with stronger narrative- Nintendo should move in that direction too -
-not because they have to
but because they said they want the "cORE"

Having a 1st Party game with "Western" "cOre" values would:

-Draw attention to the console (like ZombiU did S.H. fans).
-Grow the market on WiiU (on Nintendo Systems) for similar game from 3rd Parties.

It's not an either or thing, Nintendo can do both-
And as I have said before Samus actually deserves multiple titles.

FPA (Prime) Metroid
SS 2D Metroid
Other M (I think they should farm this title out to a new 3rd Party every cycle).