New Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer & Screenshots

Square Enix has released a brand-new trailer, alongside more screenshots for its upcoming conclusion to Lightning’s adventures, detailing new battles and locations, including the colossal monster battles, and the city of Yusnaan respectively.

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Crystallis1962d ago

I cant help but think snow looks like a character from kingdom hearts.

vishmarx1962d ago

marluxia to be precise...
noctis outfit

crxss1962d ago

i am so confused why this game is being made

vishmarx1962d ago


Cows+ milk =profit$$$

-Gespenst-1962d ago

Marluxia probably: http://images1.wikia.nocook...

Still not the same though

Heavenly King1962d ago

I think he looks really badass now. But still I am not buying the game. I hate most of the character design, the combat, the music and the animations.

elhebbo161962d ago

they all look the same tbh, some more ridiculous then the other.

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-Gespenst-1962d ago

This game's really starting to come together now. Looking forward to it.

SexyGamerDude1962d ago

I hope after Tri-Ace finishes with working with Square they can get a Resonance of Fate 2 cracking.

jonboi241962d ago

I thought Tri-Ace was done with Square, I think their last game was published by Konami. So unless Tri-Ace is working on Star Ocean 5 then I don't how they would still be with Square. Plus I don't think Resonance of Fate sold well for Sega to make a sequel though I maybe wrong.....

SexyGamerDude1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Tri-Ace started helping out Square with the 13 series during the making of 13-2. They contributed to things like art work, programming, and game design.

SeanScythe1962d ago

I haven't played any of the FF13 games.... I had the impression they were lame. Did I miss something? I mean why make 3 games if the first one sucked?

zerocrossing1962d ago

Because people just won't stop buying the damn things...

arronax-11962d ago

That and Square is just too damn stubborn to prove to us that this thing deserves a place within the now laughable name that is 'Final Fantasy'.

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The story is too old to be commented.