BT’s Microsoft E3 2013 Predictions

BT writes: Microsoft’s E3 conferences are normally very formulaic. They start with a pre-rendered trailer for a game, then they follow with social app and sports games talk (usually with whatever professional or former professional athlete they could get on short notice) until everyone is groaning in the aisle. This is then followed by a Kinect demonstration that goes on for far too long (Hello, random celebrity) and then finishes with a few trailers and tidbits that we might have cared about, but could have been seen on the show floor or outside of the press conference.

This year though, eight years after the Xbox 360 was announced, we have a new console. More importantly, we have a new console that’s already been revealed, had its technical specs and social implications revealed, and even has 15 exclusives lined up for it. So surely this press conference will be a change-up right?… Right?

No. Or at least, don’t expect much of a change from tradition.

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360degrees1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I predict Microsoft has once again set themselves up to take another E3 by storm, impressing the crowds with not only its multitude of games, but the incredible features of the Xbox One gaming console. While many "biased" gamers claim to see a doom and gloom scenario for the highly successful Microsoft, I envision something different. A scenario where Microsoft has managed to clearly see the current trend of the gaming marketplace. In the simplest terms I can state, every consumer wants and expects more from their products. That is exactly what the Xbox One is poised to successfully achieve. It truly is the first all in one entertainment device for your living room. With incredibly high console specs, a multitude of interactive social media features, Kinect interactivity, and even cable television integration, they are truly innovating whereas other consoles are stagnating. Whether people choose to accept it or not, the future of devices is and always will be more. A perfect example of this would be the modern smartphone which currently does everything and is integral to our everyday lives. I highly doubt any person here would say "I want my phone just for calling", in the same manner current " biased" gamers are voicing their opinion of a console with no features that is "just for gaming". Regardless of the animosity certain console gamers feel, here's to a great E3 showing for The Xbox One, Wii U, and ps4.