Nintendo Direct E3 2013 Branding Takes on a New Look

Nintendo's E3 2013 Nintendo Direct branding just got a whole lot sexier.

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legendoflex1964d ago

Am I the only one getting a Retro Studios/Metroid Prime vibe from this thing?

yugovega1964d ago

retro is more then likely making star fox. nintendohas them unning the couse of nintendo ips beforehanding the zelda. star fox would be best.

herbs1964d ago

I had a dream last night that I was playing a 3rd person 3d metroid with incredible graphics and level design lol. Nintendo really needs to blow people's minds this E3 they must deliver unlike last year which was passable at best because there Wii U may just become completely irrelevant if they fail to do so.

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mrmancs1964d ago

I feel sorry for Nintendo , in the nineties them and Sega kept gaming alive...ps1 took it to another level...

N4g_null1959d ago

Now we have movie games and fps! Or free roaming be playgrounds.

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