Microsoft Cancelling One-on-One Interviews with Xbox Executives at E3

More E3 events are being cancelled by Microsoft.

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ZodTheRipper1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

This pretty much confirms most of those negative reports and rumors that are floating around since the reveal. They wouldn't cancel anything if they'd have something positive to say.

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Dlacy13g1960d ago

not quite @zod18. I am sure they have plenty to say that is positive. What this does tell me is that on certain key issues are still unresolved and/or changing so opportunity for more mixed messages exist. Clearly they don't want a repeat of the reveal with gamers. But... the cat is out of the bag already so they need to address these things in some manner.

kneon1960d ago

Or they just don't know what to say so they would rather say nothing than have every executive give a different answer.

ZodTheRipper1960d ago

@kneon: Wouldn't this be as bad as my assumption at this point?
They should have clear answers for all questions by now since they are targeting a launch in the next 6 months.

Outside_ofthe_Box1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

What this confirms or rather tells me is that they will address and make an official statement(s) on the concerns during their conference and are canceling interviews to avoid confusion like they had at the reveal.

kneon1960d ago


I wasn't trying to imply this was good in any way, because it certainly is not.

I just don't understand how these huge companies can screw up so badly, it must be a team effort :)


GusBricker1960d ago

Or they're gonna have one say it and be done with it. Which would be best decision.

wagnus1960d ago

They could be waiting for Sony but to be honest, I don't even care about it. I'm over all of this shit; Microsoft dodging more media makes the media lol.

You know why they call it an xbox one? Because you take one look at it and walk 360degrees away.

loulou1960d ago

so, have ign or a "named" site confirmed this or what??

Dlacy13g1960d ago

@loulou to be fair based off this article the only two confirmed are Patrick Klepek w/ GiantBomb and Marcus Beer w/ Game Trailers. I don't know if this is an across the board cancellation or if this is just a few one off interviews

DonkeyWalrus1960d ago

Now hold on a minute everybody. According to Major Nelson's twitter: "It was a scheduling conflict plain & simple. Media WILL be meeting w/ execs."

And according to Steve Tilley, who originally posted about this cancellation business, "since actually having a roundtable after an E3 press conference is fairly unusual, I saw it more as an easy come, easy go type of thing." The email he got from MS stated this:

“Unfortunately, due to some changes in our executives’ schedules – including some external industry and partner sessions – we are no longer able to offer the Core Roundtable session on Monday June 10 at 11:30am.”

Steve Tilley also said this: "This doesn’t mean Microsoft plans to duck all questions during E3. Far from it. Lots of journalists, including myself, have interviews lined up with various Xbox executives during E3. Lots and LOTS of questions will be asked."

This is just some additional information I found... Take from it what you will, but I don't think we need to worry about MS not having interviews with media.

nunley331960d ago

Yeah they don't answer those tough questions about the drm, online checks, used games ect. It could get ugly after E3. I can see the MS exec now at the end of the show dropping his mic to the ground saying " I'm out".

shadow27971960d ago


So... you're walking towards it?

Ju1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Well, MS pulled a 360, because they are back at One. LOL

To the topic at hand, I guarantee we will see plenty of interviews with MS "aligned" media. Big networks will tell us how exciting this new set-top will be - spreading their own message further...


It confirms the negatives and has made buying a ps4 the easiest choice I have made in a while.

The_Con-Sept1959d ago

@msxb1 #YouScaredBro? Looks like Microsoft is caving in from outside!!!!! How is this po se brul?

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SOD_Delta1960d ago

It's not looking good for MS. Hopefully they can turn it around or else they may not be around much longer (Xbox not MS)

yugovega1960d ago

ms doesn't ever stop sinking money into a sinking ship. windows or zune anyone? they will be around as long as they want to be.

mrbojingles1960d ago

Why would you even begin to think this? If the X1 flops they'll make another console. The OG Xbox made them no money, took nothing but losses and they brought out the 360.

Blackdeath_6631960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

they can't turn anything around if they don't confirm and/or deny the reports about drm,used games, gpu clock speeds etc... there are alot of talking points and confusion most of which was triggered by contradicting statements from MS if they don't deal with it at E3 these rumours and unconfirmed reports will only continue to manifest itself and rot away on the internet stealing attention away from what otherwise should be a games packed MS E3 conference.
news spreads fast on the internet and recently it has become much more common for media like the bbc for example to write articles about and comment on information posted on reddit,twitter and other such sites the last thing they want is mainstream media passing this on to the general public and finding stuff like this on their homepage

GameSpawn1960d ago

The 360 was made because the Original Xbox's losses were written off at the price of getting into the gaming market.

The 360 getting a much larger market share than the Original could, despite the Red Ring fiasco and the losses it incurred, justified them continuing with the Xbox One.

However, "if" the Xbox One does go south I can guarantee the investors are going to put pressure on Microsoft to reconsider future ventures in the gaming market.

Remember Sony's PlayStation division and Nintendo are diversified into consoles and handhelds and can still stay around if their consoles or handhelds turn out lackluster (as long as it isn't both). Microsoft's Xbox division only has the revenue from XBL and their parent Microsoft's OS and Office revenue to fall back on (both of which are pretty big...for now) - if those are gone then so may be the Xbox.

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Enemy1960d ago

My god. Is there ANY good news about the Xbox One?

Shadow Flare1960d ago

Yes, it hasn't entered our lives yet

shoddy1960d ago

Things have change after may 21.

No more PlayStation doom articles.
Now negative xbone articles is the new norm.

Knal1960d ago

@Shadowflare That actually made me laugh out loud at my desk.

Anon19741960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

When the post-press event round table was cancelled, I thought it was Microsoft trying to duck the media. Then I looked into it and quickly found that the round table event was a small gathering that was unique to Microsoft. Sony doesn't hold a similar event and no one was claiming Sony was trying to hide something. All the one on one interviews for the media to ask questions were still on and those interviews were where most info came from. So no big deal, right?

Now they're cancelling the one on one interviews. Seriously...if Microsoft stood behind their product and had faith in it they'd be front and center answering any and all questions. What message do they think they're sending?

Dlacy13g1960d ago

question, do we know if MS has cancelled all the one on one's or just for the two journo's mentioned in this article? Patrick Klepek and Marcus Beer? If it really is just these two getting cancellations I think its safe to say once again, the internet (N4G) over reacting to nothing.

Anon19741960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

No idea how widespread the cancellations are. You'd think if it was impacting a number of interviewers we'd be hearing more about it. It might be nothing, but you can certainly understand in light of what's happened these past couple of weeks why it's raising red flags. The optics of this are terrible.

Edit: Cnet just had an article where they said it's all interviews are off. "Microsoft has preemptively cancelled all post-conference media appointments and roundtable Q&A."

Gildarts1960d ago

This is probably a good thing because we got so many different answers last time. This time we'll get one answer to each question.

devwan1960d ago

When and when if they won't make themselves available for a single question?

ABizzel11960d ago


WOW. Talk about damage control. Makes no [email protected] sense. For the sake of gaming I'm not here to tell you which console to buy, but if you're going to buy the Xbox One please buy it used.

Do not let MS benefit off this console. It's everything that is wrong with big corporations monopolizing. When you let the corporation dictate what is "the future" then you lose all consumer rights as the entire industry will soon follow the trend.

Support your developers by buying their games, but do not support MS for this console. PLEASE.

GenericNameHere1960d ago

There's no "new found pro Sony audience". It's just MS messing up and gaining all that negative press, while Sony is just in the background chilling and enjoying the free positive press doing nothing.

If Sony announces NO PS4 DRM, and MS does nothing to address it, then Sony will get positive press for having no DRM, plus BOOSTED positive press just from Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot. Sony doing good will bring in people. Microsoft messing up will bring even more people to the competition.

THamm1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

from all the articles and especially that WIRED interview with that lady, it seems as the X1 is for casual and sports tv viewers not gamers. They have no clue on what made them popular and why the 360 was a beast. It did almost everything right from where SEGA, yes SEGA, left off. DRM and used aren't even the main problem in my eyes, all this kinect, speaking, watching cable tv nonsense has got to go.

Christopher1960d ago

Microsoft will control what we hear and see. They will present only answers to what they want us to know. Any questions as to the specificity of used games or the like will be left open as they tell us once again "We think this is better for the consumers" without it actually being better for the consumers.

HmongAmerican1960d ago

Too bad some of us are smarter then MS think.

killacal131960d ago

Funny thing is a lot o' dummies will still buy it, only to regret doing so later, you can only be so stubborn to like ONE device that basically slaps you and then charges you for it, Ps4! Ps4! Ps4!. METAL GEAR PHANTOM PAIN! don't care about who the voice actor is, ( I do, but... it's METAL GEAR PHANTOM PAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!). And yeah, all there is for the ONE to do is change its whole scheme an ill be aright.

One4U1960d ago

greenpowers , just give up man stop backing a company that effs you up and makes you pay shitload of cash

Cueil1960d ago

truthfully I wonder if it's because of the possible restructuring of Microsoft? I doubt some confusion would make them do this... but if the restructuring plans are going through that means a major shift in power all over the company

Garbanjo0011960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

They answered everything on the site. It's pointless. They basically just blurted out everything we already knew to either be a rumor (that turned out true) or in some cases mudded most of what we didn't want to hear by sugar coating everything.

I can't wait for the days when we will be like, "hey remember the Xbox?"

"Oh yeah, you mean that antique gaming console that tried to be like PlayStation, yeah whatever happened to that?"

"Well, they tried to be Skynet, and it didn't end well."

Someone GIF that, you have my permission.

CEOSteveBallmer1959d ago

Whoooa, one on one
I wanna play that game tonight
One on one I know
I wanna play that one on one
I wanna play that game tonight
One on one so slow

lilbrat231959d ago

You can say that again, but it's a shame that they won't just answer the questions that really want answers. I guess we shall see for E3 what all gets answered.



what does a billion dollar corporation and a headless chicken have in common..

Commodore1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

nvm...already been addressed by others

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ThatCanadianGuy5141960d ago

I wouldn't want to talk about this either if i was MS

Donnieboi1960d ago

First they cancel the post E3 show. Now this. Yeah, I already sold my 360 and am done with MS anyway. But it's sad to see how much MS is alienating itself right now. All that money, but it can't buy them an understanding of this industry or the minds of consumers. Pathetic.

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Mr_Nuts1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

You hear that guys, it's the sound of someone digging their own grave even deeper.

Doesn't this pretty much confirm the worst, they are so trying to use the 15 games they apparently have to blind us over the main issues.

Not going to plan though is it.

o-Sunny-o1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Wow when are they going to show their faces then? ^~^

GreenRanger1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

After you give them money.

Sitdown1960d ago

You have to have a Live subscription, xbox one, and a Skype account to see their face. I have to laugh in order to stop myself from this point all Microsoft can do is go up, right? Still will hold out for E3..