Nintendo Memories: Battletoads

This is a game that put hair on your chest!

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Relientk771963d ago

I hope Rare bring Battletoads back

yugovega1963d ago

ah battletoads riding the popularity of ninja turtles to fame.

Kos-Mos1962d ago

The days the games were hard and not the last of us.

darkvenom1962d ago

how old are you kid? i highly doubt you were around when battletoads came out,anyways what does this have to do with last of us?so much hatred for a game isn't should see a shrink about that.

DivineAssault 1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

PLEASE MAKE A NEW BATTLETOADS GAME!!!! Indie devs im talking to you! A sequel to the arcade battle toads would be perfect.. I think WayForward would be perfect for the job too.. I loved that game so much! Zits is my absolute FAV! I was so pissed that you couldnt play as him in the SNES version but it needs a sequel or reboot.. NOT IN 3D either! Beautiful HD sprites or crisp 1080p cell shading hand drawn 2D brawler like it always was..