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Lavalamp1961d ago

I can certainly understand the fans' disappointment with Hayter being gone, but I'm sure Keifer Sutherland will give a good performance in his own right.

SynGamer1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Sutherland is actually a great choice. Voice-wise, he has a distinct voice that will breathe a bit of new life into Snake.

I'll miss Hayter since that's what I've known for so long, but I feel Sutherland is possibly the best choice to fill the role (for whatever reason...)

EDIT: for all of the Hayter fans, deal with it. Yes, him not being the voice sucks, but don't discredit Sutherland so quickly.

xHeavYx1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Interesting, we'll see how it turns out. I still don't see why Hayter couldn't be the voice though, unless Solid Snake will be part of the game somehow

SOD_Delta1961d ago

I think Keifer Sutherland will do great as Snake.

Razmossis1961d ago

Sutherland is such a douche. Famous for 24, which is a ridiculous TV show

GrieverSoul1961d ago

The thing with Hayter is that you heard a clip of him talking like Snake and you immediatly thought about Metal Gear Solid.

Kiefer Sutherland has a great voice too but when I hear him, its Jack Bauer talking. Even when I saw Phone Boot I immediatly knew who the sniper was because his voice is very distinct.

zebramocha1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Damn, I was holding out for bobcat goldwaithe.

crxss1961d ago

interested to see what Kiefer brings to the table for Snake and Ismael. hope to see Hayter in a future MGS title. would be amazing to see both Big Boss and Solid Snake in a title with Kiefer and Hayter.

zeee1961d ago

Believe it or not, I always thought of Sutherland as perfect replacement of Hayter. He's an amazing actor with an amazing voice and fine dialog delivery skills. Great choice Koji san!


I really think we're a missing the big picture here. There must be more to just an specific performance in voice acting in choosing to not use David Hayter... It's just a guess, but I think he's planning on having the timelines crossing soon.

In Metal Gear timeline, we only see things from perspective of Solid Snake from 1995 to 2014 and through the eyes of Big Boss from 1964 to 1974 (when Solid was only 2 years old). In MGS5 Big Boss will start in 1975, go into a coma and only wake up in 1984 (Solid Snake is now 12 years old already).

I wouldn't be surprised if timelines overlay sooner or later and we get to see something before the Outer Haven Uprising where Solid Snake already take part, this time as an enemy or as an unaware but cared for character by Big Boss. And if this is the case, just like in MGS4, they'll need separated voices for Solid Snake and Big Boss, which considering Big Boss age, may be something between David Hayter and Richard Doyle voices, that's where Southerland comes in.

Godlovesgamers1960d ago

I'm with you SynGamer.

I also happen to think that Keifer Sutherland is a great actor and very good voice actor as well (I enjoyed him in CoD [email protected]) and I think he will be a very good fit in the next MG game.

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Blacktric1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Unless Hayter somehow ends up being in the game again, it's just a retarded decision if you ask me. Snake is 49 years old during the events, according to the video, which is still more than acceptable for Hayter's voice. You don't need to change the damn voice actor everybody loved and revered for the sake of adding hollywood talent especially when the Japanese voice actor is still the same.

This is what you get for involving Avi Arad I suppose.

1961d ago
firelogic1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Kojima doesn't think Hayter can do the job. Who are you to say it's "retarded?"

Yes I agree. Sutherland doesn't play games so it's a dumb casting choice. The reason why Robert Downey Jr is so great as Iron Man is because he started reading Iron Man comics ever since he was in diapers. The man is a diehard comic book fan which is why he's so perfect for the role. Wait a minute, no he's not. He never even heard of Iron Man until he was approached for the role. Weird.

Blacktric1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

"Who are you to say it's "retarded?""

Oh hey look. It's the "stop not liking what I like" guy.

And I hold the exclusive rights to call a retarded choice retarded for being someone who supported the series since Metal Gear Solid came out. Especially after how they treated Hayter with all this nonesense while keeping Otsuka as the Japanese voice actor.

GameSpawn1961d ago


Except that Robert Downey naturally acts just like Tony Stark. Stan Lee admitted to Downey that Stark was really a role meant just for him. Stark and Downey are both cocky and snarky. All Downey had to do to play Stark was act like himself.

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Mr_Nuts1961d ago

Kojima is such a douche

Whats the point of a new vision for MGS by changing the voice actors.....OH BUT NOOOOO he keeps the Japanese actor, don't you find that a little odd and harsh on hayter. Why do they get rid of the English voice actor every english speaking person loved but Japanese fans get to keep the one they love.

Thats highly un fair, I don't understand how people can defend Kojima on this, I'd understand if the Japanese voice actor was gone or Snake was getting old but even then Richard Doyle would of been a good choice.

This is probably going to be his last MGS game since theres nothing else he can do, the story arc is over with MGS4 and another prequel was pushing it for MGSV so I don't see why they didn't get Hayter for the last one.

Instead of Naked Snake/Big Boss were getting Jack Bauer

Eyeco1961d ago

Man when you put it like that it kinda pisses me off

theDECAY1961d ago

Fairness aside, I still think that Solid Snake will make an appearance, if not just plain be in the game. So Hayter may still be apart of this.

ShiranaiJittai1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

One Kojima is not a douche.Two. Though I really don't want David Hayter to be replaced at all (and he still might not be as this is not Snake that Sutherland is playing it is Big Boss) if he has to replaced Kiefer Sutherland is probably the only actor I have heard in any kind of action tv show where I found myself saying "hey he kind of has that gruff Solid Snake type attitude in his voice.

24 has demonstrated this time and time again. He IS a good fit for Snake. Also he is a very professional actor who immerses himself in every role he plays. He just happens to be Pigeon-holed as Jack Bauer as that is his most well known role. Look at "The Confession" That is a great Non-Bauer performance to get an idea of just how good his voice can be.

Most importantly though voice actors in the US are not treated with the same respect and contracts as they are in Japan. THAT is why the Japanese voice actor isn't being replaced in Japan most likely. Seiyuu (voice actor in Japanese) are greatly respected, and admired there. In many circles they get far more press, fans, and exposure then any japanese actor could ever hope to have. This mostly has to do with just how imbedded Anime is in Japan, and how it is one of their bigger exports now. As an american I have far more words in my language then a Japanese person will in Japanese. However they have 20 some-odd ways to say just about any of their phrases which then mean something else entirely. So the diversity when it comes to voice acting is far more prevalent and noticable in Japan than it is in the US.

The Japanese voice actor though he may be the same guy is most assuredly playing a different "voice" if Kojima is looking for something different this time around.

I forgot to add as well when I was talking about how much Sutherland studies a character he was going to play. I can guarantee you playing Big Boss is going to be make a gamer out of him, because there is no way he will be that role without playing the Metal Gear Solid games first. He may only play Snake Eater since Big Boss is who he is reprising but it just isn't possible. The voice is in good hands. I understand entirely your hesitation and disappointment but if Hayter HAS to be replaced (still don't think he is entirely) Sutherland IS a good fit. You won't see how good a fit until the game releases in (given the delays of Kojima titles...2016?)

Mr_Nuts1960d ago


Yeah ok then man...Kojima "can't do no wrong" I get it


ShiranaiJittai1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I never said Kojima can do no wrong just that he wasn't a douche. Personally I think the Whole Metal Gear Solid..Rising....revenge of the revengenance of the maybe we will or will not feature a,b,c was featured very poorly.

I just said he wasn't a douche. All developers make mistakes Kojima does as well he just makes them far less often then some other devs I know of. He is a perfectionist he won't announce or release any details on anything he is working on until he is ready to. I admire that in a developer personally. I would rather wait for a quality product then be given "test footage" over and over again. Of something that may or may not exist or be worked on.

Now Naughty Dog? They can do no wrong. Rockstar? They can do no wrong. I have yet to play a game from those companies I didn't enjoy. Rockstar Table Tennis was (meh) as was Jak X Combat Racing but neither were horrible games.

Some would say the Metal Gear Acid games were a joke as well. Personally I enjoyed them but more because of how crazy and off the wall the concept is than from it actually being a quality title.

Otacon :Snake discard a card from your hand to move forward a space...(gets to ladder)

Otacon : Snake you can't climb the ladder without the ladder card... (wtf?)

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OrangePowerz1961d ago

No matter how good Sutherland is as q voice actor, he is not Snake. I bet you the reason for the change is to sell more copies in the states and western regions generally, because now they can advertise big that they have Sutherland.

THamm1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Hayter will be Solid Snake, theyre making 2 games at one time, the two will meet in game hopefully, good thing I never watched 24 or whatever, so Keefers voice will be fresh to me at least.

Tainted Gene1961d ago

I hope your right... but if not, eh; even though I LOVE Hayter as Snake, I still believe in Hideo's ability to make a great game.

also 1984 is a GREAT year.

vickers5001961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Keifer has an awesome voice. The first thing I ever heard him in was Phone Booth, a pretty good movie in which all he does is pretty much talks (and he's awesome at it) you only see him *movie spoiler* at the very end of the movie as he walks away while the character passes out, so it's blurry, .

I eventually watched 24 afterwards, but I don't think I'll think of Jack Bauer every time I think of snake. Even if I did, that's not necessarily a bad thing. I was never a fan of Hayters voice, to me it just sounds like some guy trying to do the batman voice(christian bale batman), which I personally find annoying.

RedDeadLB1961d ago

Why is everyone so disgruntled about Sutherland being Snake? The man is a good fucking choice. Sure, I love Hayter as Snake as much as any of you, but Hayter was Solid Snake first and Big Boss isn't Solid Snake.

Let Kiefer do his freaking job. He's good at it and I can see him as Big Boss, Kojima made a good choice.

OrangePowerz1961d ago

They already had a great Voice Actor in Doyle that voiced Big Boss and did a great job.

LastDance1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Are we talking about the guy in Lost Boys?.....

Oh dear.

Xandet1961d ago

With the way Hayter has been trolling on twitter and knowing how Kojima loves to troll his fans, I fully expect David to play some version of Snake, albeit not Big Boss.

I can see it now... the E3 trailer following Big Boss, going about his business in Outer Haven, talking to a mystery-person via radio, giving him orders.

Scene zooms out to suddenly follow behind someone in a wetsuit. He emerges, the camera slowly pans around his body, positioned in the classic codec pose, to reveal his face...

Solid Snake (played by David Hayter): "Roger."


Omar911961d ago

just stop it already with the whole Kojima trolling us nonsense. It's over. Kojima has a new vision in mind for the voice actor and thats Sutherland.

I'm very upset David Hayter isn't reprising his role. Just reading these comments makes me hurt knowing it's all real (I'm not over exaggerating or anything, but I am upset about all this). Hopefully Sutherland can be on par or out perform David.....hopefully,

Xandet1961d ago

Riiiiiight, because Kojima has NEVER misled his fans before. The whole situation is increasingly fishy, leading me (and many others) to believe that we haven't heard the last of Hayter in a MGS game.

LastDance1961d ago

Then why is the Japanese voice actor the same?

Abdou231961d ago

I like Keifer, and i think Kojima did this because the Engine can now capture facial expressions, so he wanted an experienced actor with deep voice and colose in age with Snake.

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wanieldiik1961d ago

not too shabby. he's got a great voice for snake

Snookies121961d ago

Yeah, even though I'm a huge Hayter fan, I think he'll do fine. I wish we'd gotten to hear him do some lines though in that video.

crimsonfox1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Although I trust Kojima...My heart still burns for Hayter (No Homo)
To the memory of David

Also I was expecting another trailer...but whatever till E3 it is!

deep_fried_bum_cake1961d ago

Who are you trying to kid? It's totally homo. We both know that David Hayter's voice is pure unrestrained sex for the ears.

CalamityCB1961d ago

Let the shit storm commence. (I think he will be a great voice actor for snake btw)