100% Indie’s E3 Games Showcase

The E3 expo might be the biggest date on the games industry’s calendar, but generally speaking it’s not particularly indie-friendly.

100% Indie "After we had such a great time at this year’s GDC, spreading the good word about what a stunning job independent developers have been doing on the Android scene, we decided we wanted to shout a similar message of support at E3. But as we’ve already established, this isn’t a venue that casually opens its doors to the indie crowd, so we knew we had to find a way to change that."

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Anon19741957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

The 100% Indie showcase is put on by Chillingo and Samsung and showcases independent developers currently with products available on the Samsung App store through 100% Indie. I understand the Samsung App store just became available to US residents with the launch of the S4.

One of my team's games is in the showcase. I know there isn't much love on the site for mobile games, but indie developers have to start somewhere and I think it's the indies that are pushing the boundaries creatively on not only mobile devices, but on consoles as well. Our game is no Grand Theft Auto but I'm quite proud of what my group has accomplished and it's nice to be included alongside some great titles like Worms 2 and classics like Carmageddon.

TesMgsFan1957d ago

Oh i see thanks for the information :D