What TitanFall Means for Half-Life 3

OnlySP: Respawn’s new IP Titanfall may or may not be an interesting game. It’s online, it’s multiplayer, it’s by the guys who originally made Call Of Duty famous. Whatever. What I’m more interested in is the engine it’s using – namely, a modified version of Valve’s Source engine.

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Clayman1958d ago

Don't be ridiculous :)

supraking9511958d ago

LOL TitanFall is on PC also, Xbox One fail keeps adding up. Cant get any exclusives

Virus2011958d ago

But you can say that it's a Microsoft exclusive. TitanFall will most likely use GFWL for the PC.

ardivt1958d ago

thanks for the off topic gibberish

I just hope that valve gives us any infos about hl3. even if they just say that they won't reveal it this year.