Tinkering With Lightning’s New Repertoire In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII | GameInformer

GameInformer: "The world is in rough shape by the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2, (spoilers incoming) and Lightning has to pick up the pieces in the next entry. She only has 13 days before the apocalypse strikes, a time limit represented by a countdown timer that runs as you play. I played an early version of the third chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII saga, testing out the more action-oriented combat. Lightning Returns moves away from the multi-character, role-swapping battle system of past games, but still provides a good time."

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vishmarx2012d ago

convoluted sh*t...
the saviour destroys the world?
serah is the antagonist..?
the world against lightning?
what did miss something b/w this and 13 -2

Lavalamp2012d ago

Sounds like par for the course Toriyama.