Conversation with Creators: DriveClub on PS4

Hi everyone, I’m proud to represent the talented team here at Evolution Studios, and to introduce this video, which shows some of our key team members involved in the brilliant Conversations with Creators series.
It’s been our ambition for nearly 10 years to create a powerfully connected racer that lets you have fun in the world’s best cars, on the world’s fastest roads, sharing the experience with your friends in a Club. A racer that keeps you constantly connected with the community – a connected community of clubs that’s not about posting status updates at every opportunity, it’s about sending and playing challenges and always racing together to achieve more.
You can keep up to speed with DriveClub right here on PlayStation.Blog, but you should like the official Facebook page and follow DriveClub on Twitter to make sure you never miss an update about the game. Especially with E3 coming up quickly – you won’t want to miss a thing!

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Arai2013d ago

Looking forward to see some game-play demo on Monday.

ZodTheRipper2013d ago

It's about time we see some gameplay, would have expected at least something in the months after the PS4 reveal. Is it already confirmed as a launch title?

hakis862013d ago

The game looks really cool, I am very excited to see some gameplay at E3!

abzdine2013d ago

yes launch title confirmed! Now i need some gameplay

sengoku2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

it look very realistic.
the only thing i see them coming a bit short on is the lighting.
need to see more though the trees and dusk shot to say for certain.
they probably want to save it for E3 because the lighting in previous demos where spot on.

Boody-Bandit2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

All I care about is wheel support. Anything that supports FFB Wheels = instant sale for me.

The great thing about Sony is their consoles are usually open ended and not proprietary so I am hopeful the current generations of wheels will work on the PS4. If not hopefully there will be one available at or around launch. Got to have a wheel when I'm grinding out lap times.

deadpoole2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Gameplay bits in this video looks awesome and amazing. Bits I love most is that cars looks like they are being driven on road and not hovering/skating/sliding like some other titles.

My only gripe is ... to achieve photorealism they are literally dulling the color down to almost desaturated level (where red looks light pink), which is giving it rather grim look to cars, vistas, environments and tracks.

Hope they will be able to improve color saturation bit and improve dynamic lighting aspect of the engine because dynamic lighting is the crucial part of the 3D Engine. That way it'll be able to attain realism while keeping all the color vivid and not like right now (desaturated).

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husomc2013d ago

Driveclub is sounding more and more like a 15$ PSN title

FamilyGuy2013d ago

The photo-realism of this game makes it the best looking launch title so far in my opinion. Every time I see it I think it's meant to be some far off future release but they've stated consistently that it is indeed a launch title.

I'm really looking forward to next gen :)

Majin-vegeta2013d ago

Man can't wait.

PS4 is the must own next true gen system.Even if you don't have the money to buy a game at launch you will still be able to download some F2P games.

OlgerO2013d ago

Once the PS4 comes out its going to take me 2 years before I have been able to get all out of the games that will launch with it. unreal man.

supremacy2013d ago

crazy realism, just imagine what the next gt will look like on this platform?

ProudGamer2013d ago

Wow. Drive Club will be THE definitive racing game of next gen. That is until GT7 releases.

NioRide2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

How? they said it them selves its not a hardcore-racer or a sim, its pretty much test drive unlimited on set tracks and prettier graphics.

ZodTheRipper2013d ago

He didn't say anything of hardcore racer or sim. It simply looks like the best PS4 racing game right now.

NioRide2013d ago

Zod did you not watch the whole video? they state its not a hardcore racer or sim in the video....

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The story is too old to be commented.