The Wii U Isn't Dead; It's Just Starting To Come Alive

Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'It’s easy to kick someone when they’re down. It’s even easier to lay the boot into the forlorn figure of Nintendo. Just look at them, lying there like such fools. What the hell were they thinking when they thought of the Wii U? Hmph!'

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chadboban1960d ago

If by the end of the year sales don't pick up, then we have a serious problem, until then, I think we should hold off on saying the Wii U is dead.

dedicatedtogamers1960d ago

Agreed. This is one situation where "wait and see" is actually reasonable.

1st of all, Vita is also struggling. We need more time and more platforms on the market to see if the Wii-U is struggling because it's the Wii-U, or if it's struggling because of bigger issues in the gaming market.

2nd of all, a lot of people do not make their final console purchase decision until everything is on the market. We will see how the Wii-U looks by this time next year. Let's not dismiss the fact that Nintendo managed to save the sinking ship known as 3DS and turn it around in about 1 year.

-GametimeUK-1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

There is basically a trend where every new system is a sinking ship (according to media). It is just hard to genuinely tell when a system is in trouble. I feel that the Vita is in trouble, but when it offers so much I don't understand why.

dedicatedtogamers1960d ago

@ -GametimeUK-

Yeah I think the 7th gen spoiled us. People weren't really calling the Xbox or Gamecube "sinking ships" during the 6th gen. 7th gen, every platofmr sold well, and now any console that doesn't sell like the Wii is suddenly a huge flop.

diepdiep1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Can't wait to see the Wii U's killer titles in the next Nintendo Direct: Mario U, Smash Bros. Bayonetta, "Monolith game", Pikmin 3, "Retro Studios game", etc.

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despair1960d ago

Wow this guy is annoying to read, couldn't get through half this without a getting the first signs of a migrane.

Anyone who actually trudged through this can tell me why he thinks WiiU is "starting to come alive"?

jonboi241960d ago

Well this stretch going into the holidays is very important for Wii-U. If they don't pick it up before the release of the PS4 and XBO then they will be buried by them. Because I highly doubt that there biggest 3 games Mario Kart, a new 3D Super Mario, and Smash Bros will all make it at the end of the year. Maybe one of them if and at the most two of them. They also have to be careful when they release them if its any where near the PS4 or XBO launch it might take away from their sales. I look forward to new Smash and the new Zelda but Nintendo has an up-hill battle.

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