Xbox One vs. Playstation 4

There have been claims on the internet, from industry professionals who have stated that the Xbox One’s colorful choice of business decisions in handling were wrong and will damage the company in the long run. As well, gamers are disappointed at the newly found focus at being an all-in-one home entertainment console, as opposed to the PS4′s total game focus. Now let’s stop and think for a minute; is the PS4′s decision to focus on games really such a kosher idea?

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MehmetAlperTR1985d ago

Do we still need that kind of articles after all that happened today ( About the Xbox One Used Games rules and more ).. PS4 Forever.

S2Killinit1986d ago

yup, not clicking. its good to be a gaming fan. PS4 all the way

moparful991985d ago

You should have read it lol.. Its a satirical piece meant to be sarcastic and funny.. There's nothing in there of merit that indicates bias or fanboyism..

CryofSilence1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Not worth the click. If we take it seriously, it's fan bait in the most nonsensical,irrelevant way and horribly composed. If it was meant as a satire, it wasn't composed well enough to make a pithy point.

rigbybot1271985d ago

It is a satire. I have no bias towards Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. They all have there pluses/minuses, and I made this specifically to prove that fanboy bias is stupid, and we should spend more time enjoying the games than complaining about them.

SegaSaturn6691986d ago

Mohammed Ali Vs. George Foreman

akaihana86plus1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

It will take me a while, but it will totally be PS4 for me, Sony all the way!

Edit: the ones who disagreed can go to hell, come back and go back again lol

Narutone661986d ago

I think they are now not in the same category. One is a gaming console with extra added feature (PS4), the other one is a cable TV box which have some gaming features added (XB1).

MysticStrummer1986d ago

Agreed, except One needs a cable TV box to use it's TV functions. It's just an interface.

Jeff2571986d ago

You also need a separate HDMI dongle to connect the XBOX One to the Cable Box. MS really is going the wrong route with this.

If cable providers find a way to work with Fanhattan and put out the FanTV box to their subscribers then MS could lose to them on the cable tv aspect and to Sony on the Games aspect.

Personally I like the route Sony is going by focusing on Games but giving us more options and I love that FanTv is said to be able to replace a cable box and still give us the access to Netflix and other things people have gone to other things for.

Anyway we will see what happens at E3 but I don't think MS is going to do well this gen.

For more about FanTV check out this article

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The story is too old to be commented.