Why I Respect Naughty Dog’s Decision To Withhold The Last Of Us’ Multiplayer

An eGamer journalist talks about why Naughty Dog made the right choice to withhold The Last Of Us' multiplayer component until now.

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Sandmano1960d ago

shows their focused on SP.

BattleTorn1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Exactly. The MP is, and should be considered, a side dish to an excellent entrée.

If a waiter talked talking up the veggies and mash while I ordered my steak - it would seem suspect. lol

ZombieNinjaPanda1960d ago

No it shouldn't. I'm not commenting on TLOU multiplayer because I haven't played it, but if you include something, you don't half ass it. Bioshock 2 got demolished because of the terrible multiplayer. If TLOU has bad multiplayer, that should be reflected upon it. You don't include something and then make it second rate. To have something as major as multiplayer, that requires to be consistent with the single player too. And if either of them detract from one another, well you shouldn't have included the MP then.

ltachiUchiha1960d ago

Yup hes right. Single player first & multiplayer second. If your going to do it the other way then u mightest will forget about the single player & just focus on the multiplayer. I dont want to play a 5 hour campaign that leaves me clueless in the end. Just my opinion.

Y_51501960d ago

God of War: Ascension did that, focus on multiplayer first! Ithink most people wanted to hear about the single player more than the multiplayer especially from a series sequel know for brilliant single player experiences!

Heavenly King1960d ago

Yeah, I agree that their focus in showing MP was wrong.

But still SP was really awesome. Not as epic as 3; but still really good.

Minato-Namikaze1960d ago

To be fair i dont think any game is going to be able to top the opening sequence of GOW3. When i 1st played it I quit and restarted just so i could play it again, lol.

Y_51501960d ago

IMO it's the worst out of all the God of Wars. All God of war games are good but although Acsension looked beautiful and had some pretty awesome boss battles, it has the weakest story than the others.

BabyTownFrolics1960d ago


"While this isn’t me advocating that all games should withhold details and information, it’s simply an encouragement to remember who is your loyal and main audience, and to remember that they’re the ones who will be buying a game like this first. To that end, Naughty Dog has done right by my books."


Due to the quality of their past work ND gets a pass where other devs would get pummeled. Usually withholding info about a game is a sign that said info might hurt sales. Here we forgive ND because we are confident in the quality of the SP to the point that we don't care about the MP as much.

It's a double standard that ND has earned, but it is a double standard none the less.

BattleTorn1960d ago

IMO, much like DICE and their Battlefield SP.