Why Murdered: Soul Suspect is the Most Refreshing Game of E3

Prepare to solve your own murder.

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ltachiUchiha3574d ago

I feel a perry mason vibe here lol. Sounds interesting.

Sandmano3574d ago

hmm not sure why you got a disagree? xD

ltachiUchiha3574d ago

U got one too lol. I think someone here hates perry mason for sending one of their family members to prison, haha. =]

Wizziokid3574d ago

I've never heard of this until now but after watching that I really want this game

Sandmano3574d ago

Damn 7 shots to the chest!? Give the guy a break!!

Number-Nine3574d ago

I think Square Enix has been a solid publisher this generation.

Daver3574d ago

you mean Eidos Montreal have been a good developper

WeAreLegion3574d ago

It's hardly a new idea (solving your own murder), but it could work well with the right mechanics. I'm excited.

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