PS3 peripherals priced: $50 for a Sixaxis

At the Gamer's Day event in San Francisco, Sony revealed the prices for various peripherals. The Sixaxis controller will be $49.99, which is the same price as the wireless Xbox 360 controller and $10 more / less than the Nintendo Wiimote (depending on whether or not you include the nunchuk add-on). The age of $50 controllers is very frackin' nigh.
The PS3 memory card adaptor, that allows you to transfer PSOne and PS2 memory card data to the HDD, will only be $14.99. The BD Remote Control, which is "coming soon" (read: not available at launch) will be $24.99.

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SPAWN5886d ago

$50 for a controller that you can`t replace the batteries in! Another DUMB move by sony!

PS360WII5886d ago

So how exactly long do the batteries in it last? I know I haven't replaced the lithum battiers I have in my first DS or the second one. I haven't had to replace the ones in my PSP either... Least they give them as part of the controller instead of buying them sepratly oh I mean to bad they don't give me a choice to not have a wonderful chargable battery in the controller

THWIP5886d ago

What point are you trying to make exactly? The 360 gives you a choice of a wired controller, for $30 (and yes, alot of people still prefer wired), or a wireless controller which can use standard, or rechargable batteries. You don't even NEED the play-n-charge's just a pointless accessory. I've had the same Energizer rechargable batteries since last November, and I can still get about 5 hours of hardcore gaming out of a pair between chargings, and always have 4 fresh ones ready on my charger.
Simply put, electronics devices using non-replaceable batteries is one of the worst "innovations" of this century. MS was smart to go the route they have; Sony is just trying to cram as much new tech into their system as they possible can, to impress consumers. Sometimes, keeping it simple works best.

PS360WII5886d ago

Yeah I do tend to ramble on without a comma or a period. Anyway I was just saying that Lithum battiers are still a great item and may need to be replaced in say, 3 years probably more. I have a 360 I tried the rechargable battery route but you know what? I hate having to have the charger plugged in and have 4 extra batteries sitting around waiting to be used. I just want one thing to put on my controller not a whole slue of "Backup" crap. Not very user friendly

BIadestarX5886d ago

This proves Sony fanboys will be happy no matter what sony does. All of the suden microsoft made a mistake my making the controller's battery replaceable and Sony is right. o... k...

THWIP5886d ago

How lazy do you have to be, if you can't take 15 secs to swap batteries? Hell, I had my Energizer recharge station looong before I got my 360; I have 3 remotes, two cameras, an mp3 player, flashlights, and 2 garage door openers that all will take rechargeable batteries.

Capt CHAOS5886d ago

But I don't use them, haven't even bothered to open them, instead I use normal batteries that last over a month for me.. More if I'm not playing as much.

But, atleast I have the choice.

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Balance5886d ago

then you have that option. i bought the recharge kit for the 360 and works wonderfully. that is the thing about the 360 you have choice. i didn't want to go the rechargable battery route and wanted something i could recharge on the fly etc... so i bought the recharge kit and it is awsome. charges while you play and charges when the console is off if you want it to and it will last about 10hrs of long gaming before you have to charge again.

kmis875886d ago

I think you guys are blowing this way out of proportion. Does it suck that the conrollers cost so much? Yeah, that's why I usually go third party for extras because all first party companies overcharge. Does it suck that the battery isn't replaceable? Yeah that's pretty homoerotic. But the controllers are wireless as a standard, charge by hooking up to the console, can be played and charged at the same time, have a sixty foot wireless range, and a 30 hour battery life to begin with, so even if the battery degrades by half, or one third, that's still more than most people game for at one time, and it can be charged and played at the same time. Plus, we don't know how long it will take for the battery to degrade. In six years our controllers might still be getting over 5 hours at a time if the batteries haven't blown up by them (sorry, had to insert obligatory exploding batteries joke). If the batteries are going from thirty hours to five in one year, well then this is a big deal. Otherwise, it's not that major.

PS360WII5886d ago

First off remote controllers and garage door openers use such small portions of power for batteries that by the time you need to replace them it's about a year later. Mp3 player with regular batteries? Get an I-pod man. Cameras, mine does not use regular batteries. Flashlights I use the ones that will produce a good amount of light so they use the D size. So these mirical rechargable batteries you talk about have no good use at all in my world.
Now I'm hardly a sony fanboy. I'm more of a Nintendo man. I have the 360 (with the Lithum batteries) and enjoy it. I have the old systems and even the psp and ds (I play the ds more than the 360 but whatever) I am going to enjoy the ps3 and yes the controller with no batteries in sight becuase I don't need them. And hopefully Nintendo will pull off a ms and release a sold sepratly lithum battery for it's controller

THWIP5886d ago

1.) I'm not paying $250 for an iPod, when my $40 1gb Sansi works just fine...and it's not designed to be DISPOSABLE.
You can get rechargeable C and D cells as well, but I'm talking about portable MagLights, for emergencies, or that my wife can throw in her purse.
My point is, rechargeable is FAR more practical, for MOST people. People who are buying high $ gadgets, with non-replaceable batteries, likely will often not even realize that's the case, until it dies. Not to mention, Sony has just recalled 10 million laptop batteries...which used the same tech as what you're promoting, and they've put in the PS3 controller.

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