Ubisoft Dismisses Watch Dogs vs GTA V Battle

MCV: ''Developer Ubisoft Montreal is confident Watch Dogs can stand-out from Grand Theft Auto V.

The ambitious new IP from Ubisoft is an open-world action game that has similiarities to the GTA series, at least in appearance.

The game arrives two months after GTA V hits shelves, but speaking in an interview with MCV the game's creative director Jonathan Morin believes there's room for both games in the market.''

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Yi-Long1985d ago

... but considering the DLC-practices Ubisoft is known for these last few years, I won't be buying Watch Dogs day 1. I'll wait for a cheaper 'complete' release.

GTA5 seems like great value for money, so I'll most likely get that on day 1.

lnvisibleMan1985d ago

rightly so
judge each game by its own merits

Bathyj1985d ago

Who cares im getting both

ape0071985d ago

watch dogs look sick but gta is gta

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1985d ago

GTA5 is GTA4.5

GTA4 killed the franchise so Watch Dogs is obviously the better game. Maybe Rockstar will do better next-gen but the best game they had this gen was Red Dead Redemption and that wasn't even by Rockstar North.

TheCommander1985d ago

"GTA4 is GTA 4.5"?

Please do fill us in as you have obviously played the full game to make such a judgement.


koh1985d ago

You haven't had a chance to play either of these games, and yet can say that one is "obviously" better than the other?

ape0071985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

i respect your opinion but gta 4 is one of the best games i played this generation, maybe you couldn't get into its heavier controls compared to older gtas but it's a damn classic if u get used to that

ironfist921985d ago

I'm gonna buy both. No need for competition

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The story is too old to be commented.