Fresh Wolfenstein: The New Order Gameplay Revealed

Xbigy Games writes:

The latest Wolfenstein E3 trailer and gamplay reveal has been released by the Escapist.

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vishmarx1961d ago

looks epic

and what is it today...i just came back home from last night and im overloaded all these new trailers and stuff
is it e3 already?
also mgs and los 2 traliers coming up soon aswell

Nitrowolf21961d ago

Konami pre show is today, so yeah early E3!!

vishmarx1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

mgs v matters to me more than most other yeah but just look at this
looks like the best e3 ever

Bigpappy1960d ago

No Multi player is OK. But they should allow some co-op to those who completed the single player.

TechnicianTed1960d ago

'We are very passionate about single player experiences'

Good to know, I wish more games focused only on the SP, not all games need MP.