The Biggest Games Of E3 2013

Official Nintendo Magazine: ''In the build up to E3 2013 we've been looking at some of the biggest moments of past E3 conferences and Nintendo Direct broadcasts but now it's time to look forward to next week's show and it promises to be a cracker. We don't have to worry about how Nintendo will present a new console and given that there is no large press conference, the phoney 'who won E3' battle needn't be debated. Instead, we can get excited about the most important thing. The games.''

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3-4-51961d ago

Nintendo still has that magical appeal I guess you can say. No matter how good the graphics are on any of the next gen games....People will still want and go crazy for Super Smash brothers,3D Mario, Mario Kart U, Legend of Zelda.

^ They are always good games and many times they are great games.