Remember Me | Good Game Review

GG writes: There are inexcusable flaws to this game, yes. But I enjoyed the combat and I actually think a lot of the navigating of the environment picked up as the game progressed. Well, kind-of. I got really attached to Nilin; I was committed to her cause and when you're willing to put up with some pretty shoddy level design to see through a game's story, it proves that at least they're doing something right. I was keen to stay in Neo-Paris a little bit longer.

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StevenvEekeren1986d ago

Any review that features a cartwheeling presenter gets my vote.
Good review.

Seraphemz1986d ago

According to Polygon...this is a better game than The Last of Us...

SOULJER1986d ago

They must be testing that new and improved crack.

Heavenly King1986d ago

the title is wrong the actual score is: