The road 'War Thunder' took to get to the PlayStation 4

Some games that are being developed for the PlayStation 4 knew for years that they would hit Sony's next system, but the path that War Thunder has taken to the next-generation console is one dripping with destiny.

In an exclusive interview with today, CEO and President of Gaijin Entertainment, Anton Yundintsev divulged many details and thoughts about his company's upcoming game, War Thunder.

Back during the middle part of May, it was announced that this MMO would be coming to the PlayStation 4, but the decision on both sides was not an assumed alliance.

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RuleNumber51963d ago Show
Wizziokid1963d ago

"head tracking system which highly anticipated by our PC players will be initially available for console players day one"

So does this mean the new PS eye tracks your body as well as the remote? I haven't read much about it so sorry if this is already known.

Ilovetheps41963d ago

As far as I know, Sony hasn't really gone into much detail with the PS4Eye. I'm really not interested in it though, so we'll see what they do with it. I just hope it isn't required for the system to function.

Pillsbury11963d ago

C'mon, you know Sony would not do that.

T21963d ago

That will not happen , period. Sony is trying to release an affordable system and cool add ons like pseye are good money makers for a large install base not a good item to tack on to initial price ..... Right Microsoft ? ? ???

isarai1963d ago

The PSEYE was designed to track bodies WAY before it utilized the move controller

thechosenone1963d ago

My fav part has to be where he says it'll be the same exact game on PS4 and that no compromises were made. :)

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