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Rich of Xboxer360 writes, "When Undead labs announced that they were bringing an open world zombie game to XBLA, many zombie fans sat up and took notice – would State of Decay be just the survival game that they had been waiting for? Released June 5th, State of Decay will set you back 1600 MS points, downloads at a whopping 1.81 GB and is worth every point and byte!"

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BattleTorn1963d ago

Must buy, everyone!! I'm loving every moment of it!

MilkMan1963d ago

I don't know about 88.
I'm still withhold my personal review until the game opens up more for me. But as it stands, its like a third person version of Zafehouse Diaries or Rebuild on the tablets.

I'm not quite sure what the overall tone of the game is supposed to be either. Is it a sim? is it a shooter? Is it an open world game?

I don't dislike it, but im not in love with it either. Also the game lacks that final layer of polish that ive seen in lots of Arcade games.

That being said, tonight I will play it more and see what pops.

vikingland11963d ago

Let me know what you think after you play some more. I don't have it and before I buy it I would like to know what a fellow gamer thinks of it. I am wondering the same things that you are. Is it a sim? is it a shooter?

Nevers1963d ago

My friend is the voice for the first character you play as... he posted a video last night of him playing himself. So jelly but so happy for the guy. I hope it's a good game that keeps getting decent scores.

Dlacy13g1963d ago

A great game for sure. its like a zombie land RPG.