ZRun Coming To Vita this summer

Run and fight to stay alive in zombie-infested world Beatshapers Ltd, an independent game development and publishing studio in Eastern Europe, announcing today their new PlayStation Vita exclusive game - ZRun™. The world seems to fell into ruins. Swarm of the dead groans around everywhere. You have to run non-stop, trying your best to stay alive and get out of zombie nightmare.

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sinncross1958d ago

Could be potentially fun. But wow... 245 demo builds of the game????
And its cool how the main footage is demo 244 but the footage of the game being played is 245 and you can see the main difference is that addition of blood splatter onto the screen.

Well good luck to the devs with the game. Hope it ends up being fun.

Kingthrash3601958d ago

press the power button...problem solved

sdozzo1958d ago

C'mon now. There are a lot of games but many are junk time. Hell, I play more PSP titles on it then Vita.

Fid1957d ago

Agreed with Kingthrash that is ;)

Skate-AK1958d ago

Sweet. I'm down with the Indies.

r211958d ago

That looks fun. Imma buy it when it comes out :D