What I want to see in the next 3D Mario Game

mii-gamer writes:

The Wii U needs a savior. It needs a Hero that can turn around the fortunes of the console. Who will come to the Nintendo’s rescue? Who will rush to the scene to save the day? There is only one person capable to do the job. The Wii U needs Mario again. Once again, it is up to the fat Italian plumber to fix the broken pipes of the Wii U launch. Let’s face it; if Mario cannot save the Wii U, then no one can.

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project_pat361960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

"Nothing the Wii U has shown so far has impressed in the visual department."

seriously? nano assault neo is probably the best game on the wii u that showcases the potential in graphics of the system. looks better than super stardust hd and geometry wars combined.

trine 2 also looks and plays immaculately on the wii u compaired to other platforms

sorry but the wii u graphics blow anything the ps3/360 can offer. ( I have all consoles so its not a one sided opinion. its simply the truth )

3-4-51960d ago

* Mario 64 -2

* 20 worlds @ 10 stars in each world

* Multiple buildings besides Peach's castle. Each building will have it's own secrets and doors/paintings/worlds

* Each building would have certain theme and favor a certain other character.

* Co-op in some form but make it optional.

* Mario 64 type music. It was different from all other mario games and more adventure like.