E3 2013: What To Expect From Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo draws on confirmed facts and experience from previous years to predict what the big three console manufacturers plan to bring to the table at E3 2013.

Dealspwn writes: "Let's start with the Redmond heavyweight, since they'll be holding their press conference first and have been making headlines aplenty over the last fortnight. Microsoft will look to supplement (and in many ways, make up for) the Xbox One's entertainment-loaded reveal event with a presentation concentrating on games, exclusives, DLC announcements and features."

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lucaskeller11963d ago

Ever wondered what the bottom of an avatars shoe looks like? Well BAM, 12 kinect avatar games

creatchee1963d ago

I wonder what a thread would look like without trolls. Still searching...

lucaskeller11963d ago

I hope you remember that comment post E3 microsofts conference, microsoft truly envisions their xbone to be the all in one future machine, with a heavy influece of kinect. The machine doesn't even function without it always on, so I wouldn't be suprised if they announced kinect games.

creatchee1963d ago

"heavy influence on Kinect" are you words, not Microsoft's.

PerryCaravello1963d ago

A lot from SONY

A lot from MICROSOFT

Not much from nintendo....