Lightning Ultimate Box Announced for Japan

Special Edition of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII coming to Japan.

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gerol3574d ago

western release please!!! :'(

AznGaara3574d ago

Wow... their boxarts for these games look way better than the US ones.

Ksar3574d ago

Can't wait for this game !

Sashamaz3574d ago

Milk every single drop and suck the life right out of this game after all if there are die hard fans willing to spend the cash then why not.

maddfoxx3574d ago

I acutally liked 13-2, but the more I see of this game the less I like it. The story seems to be getting too outlandish. Noel has the same outfit on for 500 years, a Serah look a like. . . did they ever explain how Snow turned into a l'cie again? Or was that in one of the DLC episodes I didn't purchase?

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