Cover Artwork - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

With screenshots and a trailer already released for the game today, check out the cover artwork for it!

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MrAnderson1960d ago

Sh*t game, Sh*t Developers, Sh*t series, nobody cares, and even if it wasn't all of the above, who cares about the cover art? FF hasn't been popular since 10, they did untold damage putting 11 online then taking years to make the next single player one which was basically a Star Wars rip off with the most dull main character (Vaan) the series has ever had, and the only character in it that had any sort of personality was Balthier.

/end rant

SexyGamerDude1960d ago

FF is still popular where it matters to Square Enix the most, that place is Japan. 13-2 was the fifth highest selling game of 2011 in Japan. It only makes sense, right? They are called JRPGs for a reason.

Number-Nine1960d ago

13-2-utter garbage!
13-3-enough already!

chikane1960d ago

in other news.

i hope we get a release day for ffx/ffx-2 HD

oh yea about ff xiii-3..

man i tell you i hope we get to see ff15 at e3

ok ok now back to ff xiii-3 .. well look at the time Bye .

-Gespenst-1960d ago

Goes well with the other two covers.

izumo_lee1960d ago

Get this part of the series out of Squarenix's system so they can move on to other things PLEASE!!!

This E3 to me has to be the most important in the history of Squarenix. If they mess up again it pains me to say that my love for this series will be diminished greatly.

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