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Changing it up and showing that they are not just able to tell a great story, Naughty Dog have built upon their successes, creating their greatest masterpiece yet.

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ltachiUchiha1963d ago

Great review, im glad u liked it. Cant wait to play it myself. =]

G20WLY1963d ago

I can't wait for this either - how many perfect scores is that now?! This game has impressed the critics bigtime :)

Bagogames1963d ago

It's average right now on MetaCritic is 96 after 56 positive review scores. Not sure how many of them a perfects but I imagine a lot.

G20WLY1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

It's about 30 perfect scores so far. I just checked and Polygon's ridiculous review score brings it down by 0.45%, which is a lot when you're up there playing with the biggest games of all time :(

Jokers; as many have said, the text in their review doesn't arrive at their score through any reasonable interpretation. This kind of hit-hunting should be punished where possible, starting with an N4G ban IMO...

lucaskeller11963d ago

Maybe this is just my opinion, but metacritic should use the median rather than the mean? because the median ignores extreme values (both above and below) which are a few standard deviations from the average which affects the mean. It really is the middle value? I don't know... just saying, I know it doesn't affect the games quality but sites like polygon seem to be inconsistent with their reviews and it shouldn't affect the games reputation..