Zelda Wii U will feature more unexpected elements - Aonuma

ONM writes: Expect the unexpected from the new Legend Of Zelda Wii U game. That's the word from Eiji Aonuma who is busy working on the game that will rethink the conventions of Zelda.

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yugovega1960d ago

for a tech demo that truely impresses. man i hope zelda u looks that good.

abzdine1959d ago

Zelda always looks good! They know how to squeeze the last drop of power from the hardware.

I dont own a Wii U, but i'm definitely buying one to play this game! Zelda games are magical.. A true masterpiece

user55757081959d ago

i agree but i just hope they offer traditional controls. i didnt enjoy skyward sword as much as i did every other zelda game

abzdine1959d ago

Skyward Sword is a good Zelda game but what i didnt like is that the world isn't that big and the castles are far too easy. other than that i loved the controls i was impressed by the motion+ precision and a bit less by the centring of cursor everytime.

Nintendo are good at reinventing their best series, especially Zelda. of course some are better than others but i always appreciate how different every zelda game is from the previous one.

andrewer1959d ago


I loved Skyward Sword, but the motion control thingy kept me from doing some stuff because I had to re-calibrate every freaking time. But the game itself was very good.

dedicatedtogamers1959d ago

I want a Zelda game to put puzzles and NPCs on the back-burner and make combat/overworld exploration the focus.

Just once.

Just try it, Nintendo.

I'm not saying the franchise should be forever changed. Just try a combat/exploration-focused Zelda (which is what the old games were) and see what happens. You've tried motion controls, cel shading, and sky-islands. You've even tried Tingle. Can't you try a focus on combat for once?

DEATHxTHExKIDx1959d ago

Could u explain that a bit more? I thought zelda had a decent amount of combat and exploration already. Or do u want zelda similar to somethinng like skyrim?

dark-hollow1959d ago

so you want a zelda game thats not really like zelda games....

dedicatedtogamers1959d ago


Too much to get into, but I would like Nintendo to try a Zelda game where the story is inferred instead of having to watch a 1-hour introduction via NPCs. Also, I want the overworld to be an interesting place to explore instead of a desolate hub that connects the dungeons.

Combat should have challenge with multiple enemies on the screen (I know modern Zelda games do this) similar to the first few Zelda games. Combat should be dangerous again.

@ dark-hollow
Um, that's how the Zelda games used to be.

Perjoss1959d ago

Animation on the spider is really good.

Moonman1959d ago

So far (being honest), the Zelda demo has impressed me the most this "new gen". I just can't shake the art style!

mcstorm1959d ago

I agree ive been very impressed with the Zelda demos. I know the WiiU is not as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One but Nintendo know how to get good looking games out of there hardware and I cant wait to see the Next Metroid and Zelda game on the WiiU as I think they will be impressive.

BullyMangler1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

i noticed deeper breathing patterns whiLe reading this headLine

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Heavenly King1959d ago

true HD graphics for once on a Nintendo game?

Agent_hitman1959d ago

Man!, I want to see Zelda on HD so bad.. I've seen the tech demo and it was so impressive.

ape0071959d ago

tech demo looked unreal

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The story is too old to be commented.