MotoGP '06 Review reviews the anticipated MotoGP '06 for Xbox 360.

"MotoGP remains a bit of an acquired taste - but then that's motorbikes in general isn't it? Approached with a bit of patience it yields great results - and probably represents the pinnacle of biking games across both Xbox formats to date. Improved load times and a bit more encouragement for the newcomer would guarantee it higher marks, but don't confuse yourself with that score - if you've a passion for bikes this could be a system-seller, and if you like well designed racing games you'd be a fool to miss out too. Where PGR3 appeals to people who see "red car" just as much as them that can tell it's a '97 Audi, similarly MotoGP '06 is a game that knows its place and welcomes you to it whatever your background."

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Gamer136208d ago

getting this game in a cople of days.
can,t wait to play it.
the demo was ok.

pRo loGic II6208d ago

I could not stop playing the demo, the game is hard, but after a couple of plays it's very rewarding. FUN AS HELL GAME!!!!.

nawtbird6207d ago

I can't wait for this to come out in a couple of days.

MISSY E6207d ago

I think about this game every hour of the day i pop in the demo play it for a while, then when i'm done with it; a hour later i power up the 360 to play the demo again.

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