Nintendo denies plans it is discontinuing the Wii U Basic

ExpertReviews writes:

Nintendo has denied rumours that it plans to stop selling the Wii U Basic, as prices for the Wii U Premium bundle continue to fall.

Game retail giant GameStop's US arm made headlines earlier this week when it sent a message to all stores demanding that the Wii U Basic packs, which include 8GB of internal storage and no bundled games, are returned to their main warehouse on the 18th of June. An image of the recall notice obtained by gaming site Kotaku. Instead, gamers will be pushed towards the Wii U Premium, which has 32GB of internal storage and comes with a copy of Nintendo Land.

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yugovega1987d ago

no surprise considering nintendo games and systems never sale well at gamestop. while the wii was riding high, gamestop barely saw sales for the system. walmart, target and best buy are the ones who sell the most nintendo products. gamestop doesn't push their systems or games like the do xb360 and halo. gamestop just needs more room in their stores for bro games and bro systems.