As console restrictions grow, the PC remains the last bastion of consumer-friendly gaming

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty damn sick of being told that convenience and freedom are no longer allowed to exist together in this industry.

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dedicatedtogamers1987d ago

PCs are where a lot of this restriction blossomed. Steam is basically the blueprint for what Xbox One hopes to be (no used games, titles are tied to your account, online check-in every so often).

Trunkz Jr1987d ago

Yeah but unlike Microsoft, Steam has amazing sales that go on, Mircosoft would never let their games on their own store go for that cheap....

Jdoki1987d ago

So DRM is OK if the price is right?

hiphopisdead1987d ago

"steam has amazing sales"... enough with the pc fanboy comments.

This article is about comparing gaming restrictions and limitations between console and pc... and @dedicatedtogamers is right. PCs already have restrictions and limitations that next-gen consoles MIGHT or MIGHT NOT match.

The rumors suggest MS will force it for all XboxOne games, whereas Sony will not for PS4 games (but individual publishers might). But this might all be clarified in 4 days.

PC fanboy article

Trunkz Jr1987d ago


No but if its going to be done you might as well do it right and/or be competitive at it.

papashango1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )


Burden is on you to prove that AAA games sold for $5 negatively impacts the gaming industry over steam.

Until you can then a DRM requirement of games being tied to your account ONLY and nothing intrusive is a pretty sweet tradeoff.

If anything It has shown the gaming industry that stupidly cheap games is extremely lucrative and eliminates the used game market AND piracy. At the same time you completely win over the consumer.

It's a win-win for everybody involved but the suits over at M$ and Sony are so far out of touch with reality you guys will never enjoy what PC gamers do.

Jdoki1987d ago


There's no burden on me to prove anything and I'm not sure what your point was.

The OP stated Steam was the blueprint for the DRM on XBOne - and Trunkz Jr seems to implying that it's OK because Steam do sales and MS don't (although that is just speculation at this point).

So is MS' DRM evil because it requires the console to phone home every 24 hours and stops people trading / renting games - or because MS don't do sales like Steam do and are trying to maximise profit from used games?

If Steam had DRM as restrictive as MS' I would avoid Steam no matter how cheap games were. As it is, because of the offline mode I find the DRM acceptable. It has nothing to do with Steam sales.

Muerte24941987d ago

and then trade it in towards the purchase of a new one, does the original car maker get paid? No, they don't. So what makes the video game industry so special? Why are people trying to defend this like it's how it should be? If people just lie down and take it, of course corporations will walk all over them.


The are still many parts in American that don't have a broadband infrastructure. Get out of your little bubble where you think the entire world is connected. It's been proven that DLC makes just as much money as used games.

"The game makers noted that it had almost no difference compared to another game released with DRM, showing that adding the DRM did absolutely nothing to prevent piracy. So why do video game companies keep insisting they need DRM?"

Nvidia is hoping PC game sales surpass console by 2015 but as we can see in 2012 that was not the case. Check out the graph. If you're point were true, then PC market would be heavily outpacing console market. F2P is one reason and guess what, it's coming to consoles.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1987d ago

Accept valve cares about gamers abd refuse to be publicly traded.


At least valve cares to treat gamers right.

U have to admit pc is still the most free.

hiphopisdead1987d ago

"U have to admit pc is still the most free"... what does that mean?

what i'm hearing is "fine pc has restrictions but... *fanboy comment"

we all know pc has it's pros... but you dont need to "defend it" all the time.

lol almost every article is becoming a fanboy defence/offence discussion

Trunkz Jr1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )


Almost every post of yours is YOUR A FANBOY!

hiphopisdead1987d ago

@Trunkz Jr

thanks for making my point

madpuppy1987d ago

What it comes down to is the PC is still an open platform, you don't have to choke down DRM and restrictions on every game you buy, and you are NOT forced to buy from just Steam or any other portal that restricts your freedom if you don't like. there are other avenues to get games like and, self published games, free games.

This is not PC fanboyism, this is fact, just because Steam wants to be THE gatekeeper and police for PC gaming doesn't mean that they are. and no matter what console fanboys angrily say or feel the console gameer has LESS freedoms than the PC gamer.

and this is coming from a guy who owns 2 PS3's and hasn't gamed on a PC in many,many years.

(I'm still getting the remake of Rise of the Triad 2013 when it comes out for the PC "soon" :P)

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JsonHenry1987d ago

It started, and failed, on the PC. Then picked up by consoles where I expect it to fail eventually as well. That is assuming like the PC gaming crowd the console crowd makes a big enough stink and refuses to buy the offending products.

twinspectre1987d ago

Steam is the cancer of gaming

steve30x1987d ago

Are you trying to say that all games are on steam? I know I dont have steam installed and I still play games on my PC

GROTSTOMPA1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Even easier for me now that I can just give my account name and password to one of my friends (which I do all the time) so they can download and play games to try, or simply don't have the money to buy. Steam/Others can try all the sleazy tricks they want, it's not going to work. Ultimately the power and titles are still in the hands of the customer. As for everything else in general about this article: There's so much more for PC users than STEAM, ORIGIN, or anything else alike... PC is completely open. Some people are missing the point about PC, it doesn't JUST excel in openness with games.., BUT softwares', movies, websites, etc. and (yes most of it is legally free).
PC pirating is nothing in comparison to the console market because, as where PC is focused on EVERY aspect of Programs/security/games/hardwa re/MODS etc. and do all of these things better than anything else on the entire planet; consoles are Focused on gaming, and when people pirate on consoles it's games period, it's everything the developers whine about; Xbox 360 hit the highest piracy rating for several years in a row alone for example. PC Pirating is mostly used as a method to DEMO games, and DEMO software: Especially in the Information Technology field you'll find that pirating is a NECESSITY for PC Technologists, it keeps their job as most PC Career's know. Basically every single game developer, or publisher (not many) that says PC pirating "ruins things" is literally an invalid person because they clearly have NO clue, nor care about the PC - just like Cliff Bleszinski until they see quick-easy money being made in a cheap manor.
PC is by fact a minimum of 5-7 years in advancement graphically/hardware-wise in comparison to consoles always (of course), with being able to upgrade itself every 2-3 months; Gives you all the choices available in the entire world of the internet; Being able to play anything, anyway you want; Even downloading a patch/crack that keeps DRM from working; You can test out any game before buying; Download 2-5 times the original game's content just by downloading a mod someone made. If that's not enough, I'm not even accounting for the unlimited amount of software available and 100% customization of operating system choices, or even hardware like Monitors resolution being (YES) 2-4 times that of a TV's. Want to play console games on PC? Then download Console emulators/plug in your controller.. Xbox, PS3, all Nintendo's: WHATEVER you want to play.
Last but not least - People have to pay homage to the PC, it is THE GRANDFATHER/FATHER of all gaming and everything that is a "GAME" today on any console.. even the future XBOXONE and PS4, are all programmed and designed on a computer before hand! The only reasons certain games do not come out on the PC isn't because of pirating, or anything else other than the answer of COMMON SENSE and that's due to the EXCLUSIVITY Counter-productive strangle-hold these giant corporations like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have on the world of gaming. For those who don't understand - These corporations "pay" the Developer/publisher to make sure their game comes out as an exclusive on their name brand in order to profit on their console. This needs to stop, we are beyond this methodology and people need to stand up for whats right just like with our current Government/Politics/Economical situation and tell them NO, it STOPS now.. we are not cash cows, we are human beings equal to each other. Thanks for listening to my rant.

MikeMyers1987d ago

Dedictedgamer, the Xbone will allow used games. We are still waiting for the finer details on how it will work. Again your trying way too hard to not only make sure everybody knows you don't like the Xbox brand but also misinforming everyone in the process. Steam doesn't allow any used games.

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hiphopisdead1987d ago

lol i can't keep up with the fanboy comments

SpinalRemains1987d ago

This article is a falacy.

By using "consoles", rather that "Xbox", they're able to make a case.

Its just that we know the PS4 is not going to be manufactured with console DRM requirements like The One.

So PC gaming is still more restrictive than PS4.

I swear the more I read these articles, the more it is apparent that there is a large section of gamers who want the PS4 to be like The One in terms of DRM.

Now why would that be?

JsonHenry1987d ago

PCs are not region locked or require mandated updates to their OS in order to play games. So no. The PC is not more restrictive than the PS4. And Sony has not said one way or the other about DRM and how it actually works on the PS4 yet. Although I doubt whatever the PS4 uses as DRM will be overly restrictive. Sony seems to have really brought their A-game this time around.

twinspectre1987d ago Show
papashango1987d ago

"So PC gaming is still more restrictive than PS4. "


Linwelin1987d ago

"So PC gaming is still more restrictive than PS4"

How do you work that out ? PC devs are not forced to use DRM methods, just like PS4, i am really not sure what you are meaning, can you elaborate please.

Horny1987d ago

Ps4 and Wii u are more free than PC. Xbox one does not stand for all consoles.

LeRise1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I'm PC gamer, I hate Steam for DRM protection and I legally play newest games. You'll ask: how?
Well, instead of consoles, PC isn't required to be connected to any distribution service, so you are free to choose. We have lots of them:

Steam (allows publishers not to enable DRM)
Desura (most games don't have DRM, and it warns the customer if the selected game has DRM protection)
GOG (no DRM at all)
Humble Store (no DRM at all)
GamersGate (more than 50% of games are DRM-free)
DotEmu (most games are DRM-free)

And we have the ability to create our own stores. There are no platform holders like on consoles. User-friendly PC gaming is indestructible.

Ron_Danger1987d ago

The user friendly aspect and ease of hacking changing game files is the exact reason I don't game on pc. I used to play Counter Strike and Diablo 2 religiously on pc, but then I stopped because I was at such an unfair advantage because I didn't use map hacks, aim bots, auto item pickups.

I tried again a few years ago and played Left 4 Dead 2 and Battlefield 3 and the same thing happened. I'll only play single player games on pc now.

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