GTA V New Screenshot

Rockstarturk: As of this morning GTAForums GTA V by the trustee does not appear in more than one net new screenshots released. Different in terms of the first to see the visual image that appears trailer offered can see us. How to obtain the image from the TheSmutPeddler As for the matter submitted by the user, this image of Red Dead Redemption: Game Of The Year Xbox 360 declares that he found in the package. After this explanation is the fact that of course does not make sense, but seems to be visual. Comments are welcome ...

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TrevorPhillips1986d ago

Not long to go till the game comes out! :)

kingfetish171986d ago

Is that a gameplay screenshot? Looking good!

just_looken1986d ago

Looks like a camera image from the demo version i remember rev3 saying that there was a heist level in the private demo. You think though we get that demo or some new gamplay footage.

Muffins12231986d ago

It is at least in engine screenshot probably during a cut-scene but the gameplay will look almost identical to the quality your seeing.

SolidStoner1986d ago

GTA5 is the only game I know to receive top degrees for just one screen shot taken from 20 century phone... I am just as happy as everyone else to see at least something about next GTA, cant wait!

xtremexx1986d ago

unless it gets delayed again

(lol sorry, had to)

GuyThatPlaysGames1986d ago

Is one screenshot really newsworthy? C'mon people!!

kamakaz3md1986d ago

people on this site are so stupid... @soldtochrist, all he said was not long til this game comes out, and 7 people disagree with him, lmao... god people are stupid, get a life... it is coming out soon, so wtf is everyones problem... ill be patiently waiting for people to disagree with this comment now defending a fellow gamer, thanks guys! : ) u must be xbox one fans!

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Honest_gamer1986d ago

cannot wait for this game, i hope its better than 4 thought, i didnt get into 4 i dont know why i just couldn't get into it :'(

elhebbo161986d ago

because it was more of a RAGE engine demo than a GTA game.

DhionatanSantos1986d ago

Yeah, it could be put like that. It was so limited compared to previous ones.

CaEsAr-1986d ago

Cannot wait to bomb the hell out of da police lol.

plaZeHD1986d ago

I want to be excited, but I am not.

Software_Lover1986d ago

Not on topic by the way

Policemen/women are men and women just like you and I. Why, if we are ever put into a martial law state where the government needs to be overthrown, or laws are unjust, do policemen/women just follow orders? I think back to civil rights. Surely there were officers there that didn't believe in what they were doing, dogs, water hoses? Even some of the College stuff that was going on during that time. I guess the same could be asked, why did the Germans go along with Hitler. Why would the south rather go to war than free slaves. Why did the LAPD get away with killing innocent people when they were looking for Dorner (spelling)

Just a random thought.

Monkeycan81986d ago

Because Video games. that's why.

TechnicianTed1986d ago

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.

Now stfu.


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The story is too old to be commented.