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ZodTheRipper1988d ago

Would anybody notice if EA used a FIFA 13 trailer to promote FIFA 14?

lucaskeller11988d ago

Common guys EA are recycling? their being ecofriendly

US8F1988d ago

Guys no joke this is the Fifa 13 trailer.

Everything you see here can be done on Fifa 13. No thanks. Fox engine it is i guess, hurry up Konami

first1NFANTRY1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

And it looks the same as fifa13, why am i not surprised? my money is going towards PES14 this time around, sorry EA.

Times are tough and i demand a substantial leap for my gaming satisfaction.

SOM3ROiD1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Dude, this is CURRENT-GEN (PS3/Xbox360/PC), runing on the old engine.

If you want the substantial leap for your gaming satisfaction, get the FIFA 14 (running on the new EA's IGNITE engine) for the PS4 when it comes out fall 2013.

theWB271988d ago

What's worse is that they couldn't tell it was current gen...all it took was a quick read.

elhebbo161988d ago

so its gonna be running on the normal fifa engine instead of the new on PC? WTF?

Hanif-8761987d ago

I'm getting PES 14 for PS3 and FIFA 14 for PS4 #DoubleWIN

TheGrimReaper1987d ago

yes indeed xD

PCs are just too weak for the power of EA Ignite!

(of course this isn't true but they've said this last gen)

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alousow1988d ago

Fifa as turned into madden. Same old same old. Now let's wait a couple hours and see what pes got with that new engine

OrangePowerz1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

@ Som3roid

I'm a bit doubtfull it will be really a new engine given how much time the.devs have for each Fifa game, it's probably just the old engine with some upgrades and a fancy name.

Tultras1988d ago

Fancy name? they literally just add 1.

Wizziokid1988d ago

Personally if i was going to play sports I would go outside.

Sashamaz1988d ago

What about war, would you go join the army instead of play call of duty/battlefield? Or maybe do a bit of grand theft auto in your neighbourhood.

Wizziokid1988d ago

Well there's a difference between playing a sport and going out robbing cars and killing people isn't there.

Tultras1988d ago

Not when you're holding It to retrospect.

elhebbo161988d ago

thats irrelevant. sports in video games and in real-life are games. war in real life is not, obviously.

dark-hollow1988d ago

yeah, nothing more relaxing after a hard day working in your job than playing physical sports...

Honest_gamer1988d ago

wooooooooo fifa woooooooooo yay......

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The story is too old to be commented.