HREJ: The Last of Us: Review

"Survival Horror for the last few years got such a strong infusion of new blood, as in the case of The Last of Us. Afraid you'll literally everywhere, even in the General percentage of cases it will be an irrational fear, when you imagine yourself situations which is not going to happen. However, the game invites and it's good. Nobody had invented a better show terror than those that are hidden in the human mind"-HREJ

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Riderz13371959d ago Show
SOD_Delta1959d ago

Damn, ND is just the BEST!

TheSaint1959d ago

And the ten out of tens keep rolling in.

A great 'sign off' for this gen.

CaEsAr-1959d ago

96 now on Metacritic XD Hell yeah

OlgerO1959d ago

For some reason 96 sounds much better then 95 to me.

chela1959d ago

i played this game, nuffin special tbh

G20WLY1959d ago

lol that's funny! (not enough for a 'bubble up' though)

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