Ex Call of Duty Dev Talks Next Gen

On this week's podcast about videogames, we get the great Than McClure. This Ex Call of Duty developer sits down and talks about his brand new game, Blood of the Werewolf. This metroidvania-esque adventure is nothing like his previous and looks to be a stand out title in the near future. We get to pick Than's brain and see his amazing creative process that enables him to be involved in so many different kinds of games.

After the break, we talk more next gen. Specifically, the Xbox One. The crew tries our best to speak about the system facts during a time where the messages from Microsoft were all over the place. It's a fun, rough going. And that is too be expected from theMulticast.

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GamersRulz1962d ago

Good they chose an artistic approach, something X1 can handle!

mrmancs1961d ago

Why is there a SNES game on the video? Lol.