Select PS3, Vita Games Being Turned Offline

A list of Sony games with servers that will soon be shut off has been released.

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majiebeast1987d ago

Well that sucks. Is the WKC community that dead?

Snookies121987d ago

Just bought WKC 2 about 3 months ago. Have yet to really play it, but that's unfortunate nonetheless... :\

Virtual_Reality1987d ago

The multiplayer is the best part of the game on WKC series, you should play while it last.

DarkBlood1987d ago

damn i havent even got a chance to get it yet oh well single player should be good by the time i pick it up eventually

ThanatosDMC1987d ago

You'll love it once your avatar gets his knight. Verto!

dedicatedtogamers1987d ago

WKC doesn't really need online, that's the problem. The game was built to be an offline MMO and (IMO) it seems like they added online functionality as an afterthought.

But let's not kid ourselves. The game was neither a critical nor a commercial success. Sony is simply trying to cut costs.

helghast1021987d ago

The online play was the best part about it though, shit was fun as hell, put in 500+ hours myself.

FamilyGuy1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

You're out of your mind on this one, the online portion was the reason to play and many in the community are broken up about it going offline. We've had online petitions to get DLC that was released in japan that never made it to us and euro versions. The game has 100s of quest that can ONLY be completed while playing online and features and equipment that can only be attained online.

Online was NEVER meant to be some tacted on after thought, it was always meant to be the main attraction.

Why even make a comment like this when you weren't part of its community?

Btw, I have over 1600 hours play time on WKCs2 alone ad this is without that content the japanese version got including the avatar story quest.

I wish they'd make it so we could at least host our geos on a peer based server (host in our hometown, through our own internet connection and be able to invite friends). Allowing us to continue playing with the friends we've made over all these years.

trouble_bubble1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Nothing to kid, White Knight Chronicles sold almost 900,000 which is pretty damn good for a new niche JRPG

That's more than other PS3 exclusives like Twisted Metal, Starhawk, LBP Karting, PS All Stars Battle Royale, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Socom 4, Disgaea 4, Yakuza: Dead Souls, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Sorcery etc.

Credit where its due. Guarantee it made more $$$ for Sony than Dylan Jobe or David Jaffe did last year. Thus Level-5 got that all important green light for Ni No Kuni, while Lightbox and EatSleepPlay went the way of iOS.

JAMurida1987d ago

I was about to say, but Family Guy (above) pretty much said what I was about to say. Sucks it's going down though.

I'm still amazed how they have yet to shut MAG down. During some hours, it can be hard to get Sabo going and domination only happens during AM hours when the Japanese get on, (JP players pretty much make up of 100% of domination now in MAG).

Software_Lover1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

You cant be an MMO and be offline. It contradicts the definition of MMO. Maybe you mean RPG.

dragonyght1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

i Don't think you ever play WKC, the online portion which make up a bulk portion of the game was not an after though.i currently spent over 1000+ hrs online. its basically a scale down rpgmmo with over 200+ quest, Guilds and tons and tons of farming crafting and building ark knights

and only WKC was publish by sony WKC 2 is published by D3

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Transporter471987d ago

I really wish they would let you host a game when this kind of scenario happens

guitarded771987d ago

I'm more concerned about BUZZ. It's fun to play online, and you can play quizzes created by other users.

Omegasyde1987d ago

Majie - Last I played was Febuary 2013.

It wasn't nessecarily dead- but there was alot of infighting between players. The main arguement was the use of mods (supposedly modified via a gameshark-like device).

Since Level 5 basicially stopped supporting the game early 2012. It was like the wild west. You would go party up with people, and everyonce in a while you would get a guy one-shotting end game bosses.

After seeing how much hardwork, it took to level up your guild rank - it pissed off alot of people that people were taking "shortcuts". I thought it was funny at first however, it was very very very tempting to just mod the game - but wheres the fun in that?

Then around when I quit playing, there were guilds full of just modders. If you happen to party up with one, then the game was a breeze and not challenging at all. Eventually, I quit due to the "unconfirmed" rumor - that modders figured out how to give items that could currupt save files.

Story wise - the game was meh. The avatar you create is almost never mentioned in the story. You play as a mute and the bad guy at the end makes no sense. Online was seriously the reason to get it.

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pivotplease1987d ago

Somewhat depressing since I wanted to pick up the WKC games at some point and now I'm a bit less motivated. The worst was when they shut down the servers for the PS2 Monster Hunter. Since then I've been trying to get the same experience on PSP, but capcom keeps only giving NA ad-hoc and keeps making games for Wii or DS. Damn I want to hunt some monsters. Hopefully deep down ends up being something in the same vein.

bobtheimpaler1987d ago

I was interested in picking this game up. Do you miss anything that can impact the single player by not going online?

helghast1021987d ago

However, collecting certain items for sidequests will be a lot more tedious without online play.

bobtheimpaler1987d ago

Sounds a lot better than what I had in mind. Thank you for your answer.

Omegasyde1987d ago

You won't be able to platinum as some trophies are online only.


That's sad news... It has been on my backlog for too long I guess. And I don't even mean for the trophies alones, but I'm kind of a completionist, I like to see every corner of the world, explore every option and, well yeah, I see fun in getting every trophy, every in-game objective, every unlockable and what not.


If servers are known to go offline then why think PSN or XBox Live won't too.'s their server that "activates" everything you buy from their store.

Accessing the games you supposedly "own" may look just like accessing the ended multiplayer.

GamingAngelGabriel1987d ago

It's unfair to end support for a game like MLB 12. It would have released only about 18 months earlier.

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