Ways Microsoft Can Win E3 2013

The Tyuno Project: "E3 2013 is only days away and it seems that Microsoft is on the hot seat. Ever since the Xbox Reveal event, people have been screaming their lungs out with hatred for the Xbox One and Microsoft. It looks like Microsoft has it’s back against the wall and got a lot riding on their E3 press conference. So with that being said, here are my ways that Microsoft can win this year’s E3."

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ThatCanadianGuy5141964d ago

MS is going to be playing dirty at this E3.Many well credible sources on GAF are saying MS is having serious ESRAM issues and the console is faulty as all hell and severly downclocked, so they won't be talking about specs at all.Other than the 5 billion transistor fluff they sugar coated their vague RAM with.

On top of that, the same GAF sources are saying MS is trying to work a smear campaign on PS4 by paying third parties to show off only xbone titles on the show floor and no PS4 multiplats for their kiosks.They're trying to get rid of the "PS4 is all about games" image and make xbone look better in comparison.

Remains to be seen however.Just keep an eye on the show floor videos in the coming week.We'll see which publishers are taking these MS paychecks.

Godmars2901964d ago

If the system is having issues and they're going to be promoting displays of Xb1 demos, then they're practically inviting disaster.

Nevermind that there will be other conventions like PACs and TGS. That Sony will be streaming videos or that MS trying to undermine them is now a rumor.

devwan1964d ago

MS with BSOD on TV at E3? LOL

The_Con-Sept1963d ago

I know how they could win E3....

Idea 1:
Throw away Xbox One completely. Support the 360 for another two years while they come up with a better idea on a console while watching the competition. Mainly looking for a weakness and exploit it like a giant enemy crab... And attack the weak point for massive damage.....

Idea 2: Scrap their DRM idea of always online and make it more of a 1 time access to unlock per console and charge a small fee of 5 dollars to register your disc on a new system as long as you have the same login information. It would still combat piracy without losing your customer.

Idea 3: get in bed with TiVo and the hopper from dish.

Idea 4: Become a publisher and scrap their console ideas... (Atari and Sega.) I don't really see people up in arms over the past companies doing this.

Yi-Long1964d ago

(... if you want your rocket to crash-land 5 seconds after launch onto your neighbour's roof :P )

dedicatedtogamers1964d ago

I've read that info about the hardware issues. Day by day, it becomes increasingly obvious that Microsoft really WAS caught off guard by the PS4 reveal and now they're scrambling to get the system out before it's too late.

MikeMyers1963d ago

Yeah sure, whatever you say. We already know you have been misinforming people about the Xbone telling people it won't allow used games why should we believe you now?

I've never witnessed anyone who tries as hard as you making sure the Xbone has anything going for it. Don't buy one, simple.

ThatCanadianGuy5141963d ago

" We already know you have been misinforming people about the Xbone"

Microsoft has been doing that more then anymore.Why is it that i see you crying about the big bad bullies picking on MS in every, single, damn submission?


Whitey2k1964d ago

i think sony should pay them for exclusive content if it was only shown for xbox one but sony could take them to court? monopilizing?

PSVita1964d ago

No it's not monopolizing at all. If MS somehow patented something that made playing games possible and suddenly decided to not allow any other companies to make/sell games THAT would be a monopoly. This is just an advertisement ploy to create a false connection that may have people believe its better on or exclusive to that system.

Septic1963d ago

Please link these 'credible sources'.

ThatCanadianGuy5141963d ago

Proelite, Matt and Thuway have been spot on with multiple rumors.They have a good track record for insider info.

GopherD is also %100 legit insider.

I can't find the link to the E3 game kiosk rumors but they all start talking about it towards the end of that thread anyways.Should give it a read, lots of interesting info there.

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PrimeGrime1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Oh here we go with the winning E3 again.. Like I have said did E3 become an official awards ceremony? Ok then call me when you get some special award that says you "Won E3"..

Bakkies1964d ago

I guess here in Narnia 4 Gamers we believe we are the judges. You write a 100 word gaming "journalist" article about who won.

Some say you win a gorilla suit filled with candy when you win, but there hasn't been a consensus on who "won E3" ever. So it's impossible to know.

mixelon1963d ago

I want a gorilla suit filled with candy! :O

TimeSkipLuffy1964d ago

just show a lot of great exclusive titles that appeals to gamers across all genres ^^

Wizziokid1964d ago

"Ways Microsoft Can Win E3 2013"

Sony cancel?

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