Ian Livingstone suggests Nintendo sell its IP on other platforms; he has a point

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The key is the second half of the quote: "Otherwise a whole generation of young people will miss out on their games." Why is this important? Because when you unbox what keeps Nintendo a viable, thriving business it is the nostalgia factor. Adults continue to buy Nintendo games because they grew up with Nintendo games. Ignoring for a moment the new, casual play customers that the Wii picked up with Wii Sports and Wii Fit, the other half of the Wii audience - the Nintendo faithful - were actively marketed towards through the nostalgia factor with that console. There were those ads with Robin Williams reminiscing on being a Zelda fan for so very long. There was the 25 Years of Mario anniversary and associated game releases and promotions. Who were these targeted at? The people who have been playing Mario for 25 years. Even the naming of some games - The New Super Mario Bros - is a direct play on people's history with Nintendo."

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DarkBlood1964d ago

while its a good point to a certain degree, certain companies would "butcher it" for the lack of a better term so i wouldnt like this "what if" idea at all.

Donnieboi1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

I think Nintendo does their own franchises the best. Outsourcing it is only cool if Nintendo keeps a very keen eye on it. However, I wouldn't be opposed to it being on other consoles. But I know some Nintendo fans would prefer it to stay exclusively on Nintendo platforms.

dedicatedtogamers1963d ago

One word: SEGA.

Can anyone say with a straight face that SEGA's quality has increased since they went multiplat after the Dreamcast? Anyone?

manaxknight11963d ago

u hit the nail on the head SEGA

yugovega1963d ago

a whole geeration will miss out? how is that when most of the young people this guy is talking about are the ones carrying around ds and 3ds systems and playing new super mario bros? this guy can't be serious. most parents buy their kids nintendo because they feel it's safe for them then say xb or ps. that's how most gamers now got their start. until i stop seeing kids beg for a mario game this guys point is moot.

Shad0wRunner1963d ago

I think its a genius idea.

Sell their Zelda franchise to Sony Santa Monica. Have them reboot it from the ground up. I'll bet Sony can do Nintendo BETTER than Nintendo can do Nintendo. LOL

SexyGamerDude1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

That's a horrible idea. If you ask me, Nintendo should drop out of the console race and put their attention where they shine the most, handhelds. The 3DS has been doing pretty good. Especially when handhelds are really popular in their homeland.

adorie1963d ago

What a horrible night to have a Curse.

Shad0wRunner1963d ago

What? Take the fanboy shades off, folks. It's time to realise that there ARE other companies out there who can take some of Nintendo's IP's to higher levels. I was just using Sony Santa Monica Studios as an example for Zelda, but hell...even Square-Eniz can do Zelda better than Nintendo.

If Nintendo wants to keep holding onto their flagship titles with a death grip, go ahead...but youre just gonna see the same redundant repeat of casual games over and over. Nintendo hasnt GROWN UP yet. I doubt they ever will.

DarkBlood1963d ago

so you want to slap the M rating on nintendo franchises? hell to the no lol

noxeven1963d ago

Nintendo should just do handheld then make there first party titles on other systems themselves

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