The Last Of Us inspired by Ico, RE4

The Last of Us designer Ricky Cambier says classic games like Ico and Resident Evil 4 helped Naughty Dog shape the upcoming survival-action game's powerful story and characters.

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ltachiUchiha1961d ago

Great games to be inspired by.

Tony-Red-Grave1961d ago

took the words right out of my... fingers??

RE4 is arguably one of the best, if not the best, survival horror zombie game (I want to make it clear zombie games are not my cup of tea since i've never played them hardcore and am basing it off what i hear apologies to anyone if i offended anyone).

ICO... well it's ICO that's all that needs to be said...

scofios1961d ago

RE4 and Ico two great games .

adorie1961d ago

RE 4 was when it's horror roots nearly went entirely out the window, but it was a great game still! It was so good, that RE 5 and 6 as a combined game wouldn't be enough to stand up to it's greatness and how fun it was. Not to mention the QTE's weren't too annoying, like RE5 and 6.


RE_L_MAYER1961d ago

ico....never thought of that

TripC501961d ago

I watched an interview in which a naughty dog member stated that the gameplay in Uncharted 2, when you tag along with that Tibetan guy, was the beginnings of The Last of Us when it comes to player and AI interaction. I wonder if the Last of Us would have even been conceived if that mechanic didn't work as well as it did in Uncharted 2.

iMaim1961d ago

RE4 of this generation.
Sounds about right.

Dunpeal1961d ago

ICO was hauntingly delicious!!!

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