E3 2013: Most Anticipated Sequels- OXCGN chooses the ‘most exciting’


"In no sequential order of preference, here is a list of sequel games I and many others are keen to either play or see more of when I get to LA for E3 2013.

Whether it be a hands on/off or a trailer to get the blood flowing, these games need a showing.

All of these games have definitely been confirmed, however there’s no clear indication if they’ll be at the show in any form.
See if you are as excited as I am for these sequels:"

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BadCircuit2978d ago

Yup that's pretty much my list too :)

gaminoz2978d ago

Thief, AC4...

What no mo-cap dog? COD didn't rate?

BadCircuit2978d ago

Nah needs to be called Call of Duty: DOGZ of War

Belgavion2978d ago

Man I hope Mirror's Edge 2 jumps out of nowhere at the show

BadCircuit2978d ago

I'm pretty sure the hints are that it will.

aksobey2978d ago

Good list. Technically speaking COD: Ghosts is not a sequel so that's probably why it's not on the list.

BABYLEG2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Fuck a sequel.. I want to see original and new titles that I know the Xbox will deliver. With Kinect, there is now a very large amount of inputs available to devs. Every game from here on out on the Xbox one game will include voice commands. Every game will use motion and gestures as a secondary controller. The controller is the centerpiece. BUT THEY DONT HAVE GAMES JUST TV!!! (Chris Jericho Voice) Will you please shut the hell up" I'm going to get an Xbox one because I want those features. If you don't want it, fine.. Go play your station. I love Nintendo games but I haven't had a Nintendo system since cube. I wish I played galaxy and all their exclusives. I didnt. Maybe the wiiu will change my mind who knows? The thing is I dont go around and get angry on everything Nintendo does.. Like their absolute shitbrick idea of a vitality sensor. Why do you fools have to be so vocal about something you don't like and don't intend to purchase in the first place? Go talk about the system you do like. Oh yea, aint shit interesting over there

the vita for instance. Its the worst portable ever made, I know.. You know it and the people who have one knows it.

now Sony has to support 3 systems in struggling times because they don't wanna make you fanboys mad. Sony needs to drop the vita. Drop the ps3. And focus your time and efforts on your main system. Kill the vita while its dead.

medman2978d ago

BABYLEG, you need help. I hope you get it before Microsoft leaves you with nothing but tears and broken promises. Oops, too late. Good luck with that.

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The story is too old to be commented.