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Polygon: "My impulse is to excuse State of Decay's problems in light of everything it does well. By tying so many systems together with tough choices and the constant spectre of death hanging over it, Undead Labs has created something singular. Small complaints notwithstanding, State of Decay is one of the most cohesive, terrifying and engaging open-world games I've ever played."

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OrangePowerz2014d ago

That guy should have reviewed The Last of Us.

OrangePowerz2014d ago

And I don`t mean to argue that State of Decay is a bad game, from what I have seen it`s a good game. Just that that guy would have been more suitable to review TLoU instead of the guy that gave No No Kuni a 6.5. :)

thechosenone2014d ago

It's shocking to me that a game like SoD gets a 8.5 and LoU get's a 7.5!

click where it says '' and rate it a 'wtf' and 'no'. do that for every polygon submission you see on here. thnx

thechosenone2014d ago

I just noticed that where it says 'view profile' it'll list all the previous submissions from polygon, you can vote on all those articles as well.

Kal-El-0012014d ago

open world games have much more replay value so its a bit better in that regard.

titletownrelo2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

They didn't have some random guy on the site review the game, no, they intentionally gave TLOU a bad score because Polygon is owned by Micro$oft. Fact.

lucaskeller12014d ago

This game scored higher than TLOU? There is a clear distinction between having an opinion and unappreciating something.

pivotplease2014d ago

Salt in the wound. No one should worry though. We're all gamers who can appreciate a good game I'm sure, and the only people giving this reputationless site rep are people like us. This is my last comment on anything relating to polygon and they're not getting any more hits from me.

matrixman922014d ago


(this game is great btw)

wastedcells2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

I agree this game is cool. Broken but cool. To rate it higher then last of us is a joke though. They clearly did that for attention. Get over though people because your giving them the attention they set out to get.

MrAnderson2014d ago

The butthurt is strong in this one.

oh and OrangePowerz, different people reviewing the two games.

OrangePowerz2014d ago

Yes different people. I simply said that this guys seems more suitable as he actually enjoys those kind of games and appreciates them.

WeAreLegion2014d ago

I block sites for giving bad reviews. I hardly think anybody in their right mind would be "butthurt" over a 7.5. I don't care if it's one person or the whole site. They work as a team.

Chuk52014d ago

This is state of decay, why are we talking about TLoU?

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