E3 2013 Preview: Nintendo What Do We Expect from the Wii U?

Rev:With E3 just a few short days away, Adam Sessler sat down with Tara Long to discuss what they expect from Nintendo at this year's show, and how the company's lack of a press conference will affect their standing in the big three.

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Animavicion1960d ago

new Golden Sun and and a new game from the developers of pandora's tower :3 ( )

Animavicion1960d ago

and please, for nintendo fans: there are more than just zelda and mario, really, the root of so much anti-nintendo troll is that only value those two franchises, there are more and better franchises (in my opnion) from nintendo.

chadboban1960d ago

Yeah I agree with you, I love my Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong but I'd love to see some of their other franchises become as popular as those. Especially games like Monolith's "X". That game just looks plain incredible.

NYC_Gamer1960d ago

I'm sure Nintendo fans will be happy with E3 direct

DivineAssault 1960d ago

i agree with Adam on this.. He was being a little nice about what he was saying but i feel the same way ultimately

TenkoTAiLS1960d ago

A Sega supporter, woo go Tara!! I do agree with Adam tho, valid points. Nintendo are well known for great surprises tho, and this Retro Studios one is bound to be a killer.

Like he said people always mock Nintendo yet it seems to be the most watched with avid interest. I will miss them having the show floor but perhaps it is for the best with their last two rather botched performances.