E3 2013 Prediction: Dark Souls 2 Coming To Wii U?

Nintendo is going to want to extend some olive branches to hardcore gamers. What better way to show this dedication to the core audience than bringing Dark Souls over to Wii U?

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thirtyandnerdy1988d ago

Publisher finances pending, there's no reason why it shouldn't. =)

dedicatedtogamers1988d ago

This would be interesting if true, but I can't see how it would offer a better game experience using the tablet.

On the other hand, if it ends up being the best multiplat version (seeing how WiiU hardware is indeed more powerful than 360/PS3) then that would be pretty significant.

herbs1988d ago

I think this would be a great fit for the Wii U. I don't think the Gamepad would offer a game changing experience but it could still definitely enhance this game. Simply putting a real time map and the ability to check your stats or enemies on the Gamepad would be pretty cool. I sure hope this happens :]

deafdani1988d ago

It doesn't NEED to offer a better game experience just because it has Gamepad support. If the developer is lazy, or just don't have the time / money / motivation to make gamepad-centric features, or if the game simply doesn't lend itself well to touch screen features... just add off-screen play and Pro Controller support and done.

Having a touch screen in the controller doesn't FORCE developers to use it if they don't want.


herbs1988d ago

Agreed I would be happy to just have a AAA 3rd party game to play on the Wii U extra Gamepad features or not.

ZeekQuattro1988d ago

Bandai Namco seem to be pretty buddy-buddy with Nintendo at the moment but I doubt this game would come to the console. I mean they feel the Wii U isn't even worthy of the Symphonia HD port and both of the games in that series were on Nintendo consoles. Just saying.

brewin1988d ago

Good point. I can't understand the reasoning behind that decision other than Sony throwing them a bunch of money for exclusivity. Whatever though. Nintendo will turn this thing around and companies will be kicking themselves for not supporting the only true next gen system with an actual focus on those things called games....

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Miyamoto hinted that Retro may one day be trusted with the Zelda franchise but in the same interview he said it would not be the next one.

Zelda WiiU and WW(HD) are all Nintendo.

The only way that it couldn’t be is if he were counting LtTP 2 or the WW (HD) into the count.

The interview I reference was about cost of development in Japan vs. US- it is cheaper to make games in the US.

They wanted to use Retro's location, U.S., to save money and make more games.

Personally, I think that Retro is making Multiple Titles now. -
But that is just a guess.

"Dark Souls 2" would be a great add to the WiiU...
but lots of games that seemed like they should come to WiiU have not-
I also hope that "Destiny" makes it to WiiU.

I wish other developers would think more like Ubisoft.

ZeekQuattro1988d ago

I also thought that they might be working on more than one title but regardless one of those games need to be Metroid. lol

LiberatedAnimal1988d ago

My guess (hopes and dreams) is that they are making a Metroid for 3DS and something else for WiiU. Maybe Starfox?!

ZeekQuattro1988d ago

@ LiberatedANimal A 3D Metroid sounds good to me and I could definitely go for a new Star Fox game though the 3DS port was much appreciated.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I hope that it is too (but it may not be).
(I don't see where I said otherwise).

I also hope that it is not a "Metroid" title BEcause then it would be a PREQUEL.
(All Metroids were wiped-out by Samus)

I would rather the game be a "SAMUS" focused title that focuses on her profession and Merges the "Other M'"s attempt to personalize Samus while using "Metroid Prime'"s Game play.

It would also be great if they put more FPS in the game or make Exploration more Dynamic allowing optional routes to an objective.

This would allow for the franchise to possibly grow (MP sells OK but not Great for a Nintendo Title and not great for Samus' Star Power or Review Scores) and also pull-in, as was Nintendo's WiiU-goal, "cORE" players.

MegaLagann1988d ago

Kind of off topic, but i'll bite. As of right now, what with Retro hiring devs left and right and getting a new building, there's three possible scenarios of what Retro is doing.

Scenario A:
They're working on one massive Wii U project

Scenario B:
Retro is working on a new in house engine as well as their Wii U game

Scenario C:
Retro is working on two Wii U titles

Now to be honest, out of the three options, I think option B is most likely. Word through the grapevine is that Retro is working on a new engine (which makes sense considering their old engine is now more than ten years old).

Now as for what Retro is working on, there's four options: A new Metroid, a new Star Fox, a new Donkey Kong, or a new IP

Metroid seems the most likely. Other M did not do well, people want to see Metroid return to a proven dev, and while I would love to see Retro do another Metroid at some point, right now I would rather them work on something new.

Star Fox, again, seems like a likely choice. Retro loves bringing old Nintendo franchises back from the dead and Star Fox needs a revival.

Most people don't bring up the possibility of another Donkey Kong game. DKCR is Retro's best selling game, so it's possible there may be a sequel in the works, either 2D or 3D.

Or it could be a new IP. It's pretty obvious that while Retro like working on Nintendo franchises, they also want to try something new, so maybe now is the time.

Honestly, I have no f*cking idea what Retro is working on. They've done a good job of keeping the secret close to their chest and quite frankly all four choices have a chance at being their next game. Hell it could be another franchise we never thought about them doing. I guess we'll find out in a few days...hopefully

gamer421988d ago

I want a new IP, because retro has alot of imagination, and they've shown that through nintendo's Ips. I believe if they made a game where they decided on story, characters, weapons, area, and so on. We'd get something amazing.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1988d ago

It's not off-topic see the article says:

"How will Nintendo do this?

By bringing out the big guns and a few surprises. The big announcement will be whatever RETRO Studios is working on. The Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns developer has been toiling away on a top secret project that could be a new IP, though some rumors point to a classic Nintendo franchise. If I were crazy, I would bet on RETRO being announced as the developers of the next main-timeline ZELDA title.

But I'm not crazy so I wouldn't put money on it.

What I will put money on, is that the next ZELDA (A Link to the Past 2 notwithstanding), to have a presence at Nintendo's conference. Whether that means it's simply announced or whether its represented with a full demo or trailer remains to be seen. My guess is, we will get a slick trailer and nothing more. "

The headline only mentions part of the content of the article.

MegaLagann1988d ago

Anything can happen, the game isn't coming out till 2014 so they have time to bring it over to the Wii U as well as the PS4 and Xbone. I doubt it will, but if it does then i'll be ecstatic. Nintendo has to see the plethora of games not coming out to the Wii U and think "We got to fix this" or at least I hope so, because despite what some fanboys want to think, Nintendo can't thrive purely on their own titles, they need third party support. And hell if you're this desperate, make a new studio dedicated only to porting over games to the Wii U. I don't know what else they can do, but what I do know is that Nintendo has to do something.

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