OXCGN’s Resident Evil: Revelations Review- Is a port of a 3DS game a revelation?


"Not since Dead Space when it was released in 2008 have I so enjoyed meticulously traversing the innards of a derelict ship in search of answers whilst raising ever more questions.

Slowly wandering isolated corridors, entering every new room with a sense of dread that behind any corner, inside any object or air vent, a grotesque creature could emerge."

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BadCircuit2973d ago

Wasn't sure if I'd want this as it's a port, but seems pretty good.

gaminoz2973d ago

I'll pass. Too many good games coming out now!

gaminoz2972d ago

No, such as Last of Us and Remember Me :)

Son_Lee2972d ago

Terrible game. Couldn't even get through it. I thought RE6 was a million times better.