Forza 5: An Xbox One Game Ten Years in the Making

GS:How Turn 10 is embracing the challenge of releasing an Xbox One launch title.

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One4U2013d ago

responding to Driveclubs 10 years thing

OrangePowerz2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I looked up the patent office DB after the unveiling of the game just for fun and Revolution actually did copyright the name like 10 years ago. :)

Rusty5152013d ago

Doesn't surprise me. That guy had all kinds of pre-cum dripping from his mushroom tip about driveclub. He was so freakin passionate about it haha.

thechosenone2013d ago


thanks for that disgusting visual image. D:

deadpoole2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Look I understand that last gen was ridden with all sorts of memory limitation and what not and they had to use limited color palette for redundant use and conserving memory space for other aspects of game but with X1 with tons of Ram available (roughly 10 times the original X360) what is the reason now to use dull, desaturated color tracks, environments and cars.

Like in the trailer video all I see is supernova sun, desaturated in color environment, cars and tracks with huge overcontrast eyes burning black to white and vice versa shift.

If realism is what you are trying to achieve then make your Game Engines lighting technology and algorithm better and not fake it by dulling/destaturating the game colors. :(

Now here's hoping actual Forza 5 gameplay would be different and that was just a trailer made that way.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

so they lie. lol

Did they plan the drm 10 years ago?

dedicatedtogamers2013d ago

Since I'm waiting at least a year before I consider EITHER the PS4 or the Xbox One, I think I'll use the console I already own and buy Gran Turismo 6. Your move, Microsoft.

SignifiedSix912013d ago

But we all know GT6 is actually GT5 with a few new tracks and more GT4 cars.

I'd rather have FM5 to be honest and wait for GT7.

karl2013d ago

why would anyone buy this game? oh they dont have a playstation...

dedicatedtogamers2013d ago

@ SignifiedSix

"But we all know GT6 is actually GT5 with a few new tracks"

Really? Do we ALL know that? Sounds like hot air.

And you imply that each successive Forza wasn't just a repackaging of the previous one plus some extra tracks, tweaked graphics, and new cars (okay, F3 was truly a step forward, but other than that...)

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Parapraxis2013d ago

After reading this thread on Gaf, i'm wondering what the resolution will be for this game:

Mustang300C20122013d ago

actually watch the video they confirm 1080p 60fps.

Even the insider at T10 confirmed it at Neogaf.

Now watch all the fanboys say well it is native 1080p blah blah blah. Those people on Neogaf are just as bad as it is here about any information. Simply pure specualation and then after it got confirmed people shut the hell up. Amazing.

thechosenone2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

upscale from 720p I'd bet.

PrimeGrime2013d ago

Too bad I will never care because I don't like getting Xbone'd. Sad to say the Xbox One could have the greatest games we have ever seen in the world and because of Microsoft I will not give two shits, nor would I give one.

I'll just get Drive Club, that game would be killer with the Occulus Rift.

MikeMyers2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Watch the video at 7:44

1080p @60fps. Bring on next gen.

(one disagree already? lol)

Mustang300C20122013d ago

It is always funny how you can tell by the comments when no one watches the video and doesn't even realize and it just goes to show how trolling is in a lot of peoples blood. If you don't care don't comment and if you really don't care you would be playing on your favorite console or commenting on what you really like vs spending all day commenting and bitching about what you have said countless times you don't want.

Sigh....sad kids.

SignifiedSix912013d ago

Its them casuals, man. They don't play games, they bash em.

jessupj2012d ago

I don't think the disagrees are from thinking Forza 5 looks like a bad game, it's mostly likely from the fact that said game is an xbone exclusive and MS is royally fcking consumers over with that console.

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