State of Decay hands-on tips: eight ways to fail and die

OXM - Did you get a chance to enjoy the sun this weekend? I didn't. I was otherwise preoccupied, staring into the ghastly, glitchy, somehow lovable maw of Undead Labs' State of Decay, an open world zombie survival simulation for Xbox Live Arcade.

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BABYLEG1986d ago

Funny how Microsoft releases a zombie/infected type game around the time as TLoU and it's not only miles better than Sony's effort, but the replay value is much higher

dazzrazz1986d ago

Who gives a sh*** about replay value when game is plagued by technical issues like shitty framreate and screen-tear !

Shadonic1985d ago

I have the game and I agree there are graphical issues, but the game sucks you into the world so much that its hard to notice especially when you have the zombie version of wolverine on you while you try to fight him off before he rips you in half. I've lost so many survivors to that thing freaking OP.

antz11041985d ago

It was $20, Im not expecting Bioshock Infinite here.

^ Agreed that small issues are a price to play for VERY immersive, tension filled game play thats alot of frickin' fun,

InMyOpinion1986d ago

Why can't you fanboys let each game be good in its own way? Why not enjoy both for what they are?

ufo8mycat1986d ago

BABYLEG I sure hope you are joking. State of Decay is average, while TLOU is one of the best games this generation and as of right now GOTY 2013

Shadonic1985d ago

at first sight state of decay looks like an average game but when you play it you get hooked into the world. Also please dont take this guy seriously I believe state of decay and the last of us are both great but the last of us is obviously better. The way i see it State of decay is the king of zombie survival games right now while The last of us is an amazing adventure title that implements survival elements into the gameplay and combat as you go through the story driven adventure. plus since there not both open world there's really no reason to be comparing them or arguing over them.

Shadonic1985d ago

I wouldn't say miles better but state of decay is really good. Sadly ive already lost most of my group to those asshat feral zombies.

Rip Marcus
Rip Maya
Rip everyone else whose names i forgot.

golding891985d ago

"Rip everyone else whose names i forgot". lol..

i must say i lost alot of people too not even remember lol

James23141983d ago

For me

Rip Marcus
Rip John
Rip maya
And lots more.....

bganci1985d ago

This is a very sad comment. Zombie Games are very popular. But you're right, State of Decay was released just to fight the Last of Us!

antz11041985d ago

Been following the production since last August. I wouldnt say its so much fighting as it is trying to get people on board that want a TLOU experience but dont have a PS3.

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golding891985d ago

State of decay is cool, fun game. Last of us looks awesome.
Please guys, they are too different games. Appreciate each one in for their unique style.

azgamer1985d ago

The Last of Us and State of Decay are nothing alike. The last of Us is a survival-adventure game, while SoD is an open-world, rpg survival game.

State of Decay was not meant to challenge the Last of Us. It's essentially a prototype for the next iteration in the series codenamed "Class 4," which is going to be a console MMO.

Also: I don't know everyone's play style in terms of this game, but I have not lost a single survivor that lives in my home base (Bob from The Granges was torn in half by a juggernaut, but that's not my problem...kinda).

nt041984d ago

The game has it faults with the graphs but I would rather have awesome gameplay and a whole load of fun which this game provides.

I think I must just be lucky I've still got all the starting party apart from ed who sadly died from his earlier injuries because I decide to do missions upgrading the home instead of getting the doc......bullet to the head lol but Marcus is kicking zombie ass.

Does anybody know if there is a option to kick someone out of your home or do they have to get killed?

James23141983d ago

Rip Marcus
Rip ed from black fever
Rip maya
Rip John
Rip developer character

Btw can you run out of survivors to ask to be in your community
My best character is israphel or something