Techland Releases Hellraid E3 2013 Trailer

While we had yet to see much from the game, the E3 trailer was released today that showcases plenty of skeleton, ghoul and undead slaying and all of the brutal ways to do it.

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badvlad1963d ago

been there done that... boring

Harmonizer1963d ago

well. It looks like it could be a lot of fun. Perhaps a 4-6 hour downloadable title like CoJ: Gunslinger (which was great btw) for about 15-20 Euro. Would suit me just fine.

kostchtchie_1963d ago

looking forward to this, hopefully it can be modded like dead island & riptide, had tonnes laughs playing them with bro

JohnApocalypse1963d ago

Looks like a allot of fun, I see it as a cross between Painkiller and Skyrim

Excalibur1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Looks fun but it also looks like Dead Island Re-skinned.
The guy in the stock looks, moves and sounds like a Ram and the others moved like a thug.