FIFA and PES Gameplay Reveals to Go Head to Head Tomorrow

The long standing rivalry between PES and FIFA is set to take another interesting turn tomorrow with EA today announcing that they too will debut gameplay footage of upcoming current gen FIFA 14.

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l33t_player2014d ago

looking forward to both titles!

US8F2014d ago

I really cannot wait as well.

Plambey2014d ago

i think this will be the closest in years, Konami finally gettin their act together on this gen just as next gen approaches!

3-4-52014d ago

Yea been playing soccer games since World Cup NES and I look forward to both each year.

I'm a bit bummed that PES 2014 isn't coming to 3DS, as PES 2012 3DS is amazing...but I'm hoping that add some nice stuff to the console version.

* Next gen Fifa...can't wait !

thekiddfran2014d ago

Nice one! I preferentially fifa to be honest but you never know with pes

l33t_player2014d ago

i've switched between the two for a while now, difficult to settle on one, hopefully this year there'll be no option!

3-4-52014d ago

I've always been a Fifa guy until I bought PES 2012 for 3DS. It's 3x better than Fifa so for handhelds PES is far ahead.

For consoles, I've always gone with Fifa, but this year Fifa is on next gen while PES is only on current so maybe if I haven't bought a PS4/XB1 I'll try PES.

Sandmano2014d ago

fifa you better step up your game Pes is looking good this year.

Foxgod2014d ago

Isnt PES current gen only this year, while Fifa is next gen?

Plambey2014d ago

PES is current gen this year, the FIFA 14 reveal tomorrow is also current gen only. EA have said FIFA 14 will be available on next gen but no date set yet.

Reborn2014d ago


However, they've said no to that because they don't feel that simply looking better is worth a port. I assume they'd want to put one out when they can offer a lot more, than better graphics. Which is fair, imo.

But Konami have shown with PES2013 they're coming back to force FIFA to step their game up.

Plambey2014d ago

defo, PES 2013 certainly came close which is made more impressive by the fact it was done on the old dated engine, using a Kojima built engine opens up worlds of possiblilty, its up to the PES team to use that to its fullest advantage.

Hanif-8762014d ago

PES 14 is using a heavily modified version of the Fox Engine mainly for its graphics attributes.

Hanif-8762014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

PES 14 is only coming out for current generation platforms. However, FIFA 14 on current generation consoles and PC will still be using its old Impact engine for its current gen offerings. While, next generation machines (PS4, Xbox One) will boost the new Ignite engine for FIFA 14 which helps to deliver 10x the animation and detail which is only possible with a new engine.

sephiroth4202014d ago

i hope they decide to make overly violent versions of the games at some point too, i like football games, but i think they need a little spin off like fifa street or just something for those people who arnt really too gripped by just standard football games