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Parth Bagaria writes "The Last of Us is unlike any game I have ever played."

"The story has proper structure, with high tension encounters followed by beautiful, quieter moments."

"Joel and Ellie have excellent chemistry, and their journey will leave you emotionally drained."

"It tells a mature tale about family and relationships, and gives you a sense of adventure never felt before."

"It will raise the bar, increase expectations and set a new industry standard."

"The Last of Us is a game you need to play, it is one of the finest gaming experiences of this generation."

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TongkatAli2013d ago


Stunning level of environmental detail
Tone, atmosphere, gameplay and little touches combine to give you a unique and authentic survival experience
Excellence in animation and sound-design
Ellie is one of the most endearing characters in the video game industry
Impeccable pacing and structure
Combat is deep, intense and can be approached in a variety of ways

Boom baby!

starchild2013d ago

Amazing just like I expected.